How Can Small Businesses Leverage Virtual Receptionist Services?

At Answer Hero, we’re doing our part to help businesses affected by COVID-19. We offer 24/7 phone answering services that allow business owners to show a clear commitment to customer service and support. So, just how can a small business leverage virtual receptionist services?


Right now, the coronavirus business impact can be minimized by using virtual receptionist services to assist with COVID-related transitions. One of the more common transitions of this nature is the shift to a more remote work environment. With virtual receptionist services, customers can be reassured you’re still in business and responsive to customer needs!


Virtual receptionist services, like those offered by Answer Hero, are more cost-effective than having full-time employees handle the same tasks. Virtual services don’t have to be a full replacement for a receptionist. However, such services can be a supplement to what you already have in place. Plus, you’ll treat your customers to the added perk of having someone available to answer calls 24/7!

As with anything in life, we have seen that attitude is the one thing that is always under our control no matter what else is going on around us.

Life is unpredictable—history has proven this again and again, but the people who emerge from life’s blows are the ones who remember that in an unpredictable world, your attitude is the one thing that you have complete and utter control over.


When circumstances are challenging, we can still choose to:

  1. Communicate
  2. To Strategize
  3. Think Creatively
  4. Work Together
  5. Ask for Help and Support
  6. Rise to the Challenge of Noticing the Good That is Still There
  7. Bring and Do our Best Every Day

That is what we learned during this time. Our clients who are adopting a positive attitude are finding novel ways to save and make money, incorporating new practices and pivoting and streamlining their businesses in ways that they would not have had otherwise.

When the world around us changes, we are called to change and adapt in response. Complaining does not achieve anything of value. Please note that identifying problems is not the same as complaining. Identifying problems is the first step to creative problem-solving.

Once we have identified the problems, if we can approach them from a position of creativity and confidence we might be surprised by the solutions we come up with.

At Answer Hero, we support you in this time. We are here to offer our services. We encourage you to think creatively and talk about your challenges to solicit the help and support you need to get through this. We need each other in times of crisis.

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