Top 4 Reasons for Medical Practices to Use a Call Answering Service

A typical medical office is a busy place where many different activities are taking place, from patients arriving for appointments to administrative work that needs to be done to ensure records are up-to-date. Throw in the responsibility of answering phone calls and taking messages and you can see how running a medical office efficiently can quickly become a challenging task. One way to improve the efficiency of your medical office is to hire an answering service to take care of calls. Here are four of the top reasons why this option may be good for your medical practice.

1. No Calls Missed

Most, if not all, medical offices have receptionists. Some smaller offices might only have one receptionist. But all receptionists still need to take breaks. Plus, there will be times when they’re on vacation or sick. With a call answer service, a virtual receptionist is always on duty to take and route calls.

2. More Affordable Than a Receptionist

No matter how efficient a receptionist may be, you’re still going to have to pay their salary for every hour they are on duty until their shift is over, even when there are no calls during slower times of the day. You’ll also have to absorb costs for benefits and handle tax obligations. With a 24/7 call answering service, you’ll only pay for the services provided. These extra savings can really add up, especially for smaller medical offices with limited budgets.

3. Less Time On Administrative Tasks

Secure in the knowledge that every call will be answered and routed appropriately, you and your staff can spend less time on administrative tasks. Medical call-answering professionals are trained to handle things like scheduling appointments, transferring calls, and taking messages, they can even do appointment reminders and confirmations.

4. Messages Conveniently Organized

Even if you have a smaller medical office, you probably don’t have a lot of time to spend sorting through and prioritizing messages. Fortunately, a medical call answering service can do this for you as per your instructions. You’ll then be able to instantly access all messages separated by level of importance. This can also make it easier to call back patients faster or handle urgent billing or reimbursement matters with health insurance companies.

By hiring a call answering service like AnswerHero you’ll also be able to pick and choose the services you need for your medical office. For instance, you may prefer to only have appointments set up by a call service professional, or you might want to make arrangements for urgent calls to be handled as per your instructions. Another perk of using a call answering service is the ability to add additional services as needs changes.

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