24-Hour Virtual Receptionists for Directors

When you’re a director for a major corporation or non-profit, there are many times when you’re traveling for business. Whether you’re overseas surveying the construction of a new facility or at a fundraiser across the country, there are times when you can’t rely on your home office for your needs.

24-Hour Phone Answering

The staff in your office are able to oversee the daily tasks while you’re out of the office, but if you’re in another time zone, they can’t attend to the tasks you’ll need immediately. A 24-hour virtual receptionist can provide you with answering services while you’re on the road. You won’t have to pay them overtime or expect them to miss a night’s sleep to attend to the phones.

Message Taking

If you need to be in meetings with investors, the virtual receptionist can take messages. Once you’re out of the meeting, you’ll be able to retrieve the messages immediately, even if it’s the middle of the night at your home office. You won’t have to delay contacting important clients until the next day.

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Mobile Employees

When you are on the road, a 24-hour virtual receptionist is like having a mobile employee who can travel with you. They don’t require travel expenses or overtime because they’re keeping up with the hours that you work. When hiring a virtual receptionist, they can fill in the gaps left by your office staff who works traditional hours. Especially if, as the director of a major company, you are not working a traditional 9 to 5 job.

Appointment Scheduling

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to coordinate your appointments with your office staff when they’re in a different time zone than you and your clients. With a virtual receptionist, you can get help managing appointments, and clients have a point of contact for you while you’re out of the office in case they need to reschedule a meeting.

When you’re on the road traveling outside of your normal time zone, a 24-hour virtual receptionist can take the place of your office staff. Contact AnswerHero to see if our virtual receptionist services can help you with your business needs.

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