Property Management Call Answering Services

Being a property manager can be a daunting job. You are often juggling multiple priorities from tenant retention to tenant emergencies and everything in between. These challenges are frequently balanced with the opportunity to meet new people and develop in-demand skills in the marketplace. As a premier answering service for real estate organizations all over the nation, we are here to ensure that you can streamline the demands of your job while providing excellent customer service. 

Advantages of a Call Answering Service for Landlords and Property Managers

We know that you often address tenant issues on short notice or may not be able to take the after-hours call. With so many benefits of using a real estate answering service, you no longer have to worry about missed calls or unattended tenant issues. Using our services will improve your customer service process and lessen your response time for emergencies. Here’s why you should consider a property management answering service today: 

  • Responsiveness – When you can’t answer maintenance requests promptly, we are here to help! Our property management answering service allows you to maintain healthy tenant relationships by keeping you on top of tenant issues. Better tenant response times will help with better tenant retention and that’s a win-win for everyone involved!
  • Availability – When you have a hectic schedule as a property manager, it’s hard to be available for every emergency that comes your way. Your tenants expect you to be on-hand 24 / 7 whether you’re onsite or not. With our 24-hour answering service, you don’t need to be onsite to address any issues. We answer all of your calls promptly and professionally so your team can focus on showing vacant properties or units. Whether they need immediate attention or are a low priority, our answering service will contact the appropriate staff on your behalf regardless of when they call. That way, your tenants get the attention they deserve and we may be able to resolve their issues on the spot. 
  • Updates – Keeping your tenants happy is a key part of tenant retention and satisfaction. Making regular updates to your property keeps your tenants coming back for more. We understand how much you value your tenants and the effort you put into making sure they are comfortable and happy. With an on-call answering service, you can quickly and easily dispatch contractors to make repairs, changes, and restoration to your property immediately.
  • Appointments – You’re always promoting, advertising, and networking with potential tenants. We are here to support you in setting up appointments after you’ve advertised and listed your vacant units. For you to be able to rent your property or units quickly, potential tenants must be able to get a hold of you immediately. That’s where our answering service for real estate comes in handy to guarantee interested tenants can set up appointments for a tour with ease. You’ll never miss an opportunity to rent a vacant unit with our on-call bilingual agents available 24 / 7 for your convenience!

The Best Property Management Answering Service For You

What makes our answering service for apartment owners and other property managers superior? We provide a number of extras when you retain our services including: 

Our expertly trained professionals can handle any call from disasters to emergencies. When we take messages, they are always detailed and accurate so you can follow up with confidence. As a property manager, you no longer have to carry an on-call phone that is rotated amongst your staff. With AnswerHero, we remove the stress of hasty phone calls so you can remain focused on your extensive to-do list. Your experience is our number one priority.

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