Bilingual Call Answering Benefits for Property Managers

You’re a property manager. You have to be accessible to your residents in case of emergency. Often when there is an emergency your immediate response is needed.

With the help of a 24-hour answering service, your calls can be answered promptly and you will be able to schedule follow-up calls at your convenience. Bilingual call answering services are also available for Spanish and English speaking residents.


Helps You Prioritize Calls

You want to be available to your residents in case of emergency. There are times when residents see an issue as an emergency while you see the issue as problem that can be solved later and prioritized appropriately.

An answering service can take your overnight calls, providing you a way to organize and prioritize emergencies versus urgent repair calls. The service will also route emergencies to your phone in the middle of the night if it really is a true emergency. You might decide to have emergency calls routed to your maintenance staff instead.

Out-of-Office Answering

While you’re out of the office, you don’t want residents to leave messages on a voice mail system. They’ll feel upset that they’re being ignored, which can often cause them to go into panic mode.

To avoid an upset resident, an answering service can provide message-taking at any time of the day. This ensures residents won’t be ignored while you are out of the office.

Urgent Calls Answered Promptly

Whether it’s a water or gas leak, natural disaster or fire, you’ll want to know when there’s an emergency at your properties. The service will route urgent calls directly to your office, home phone or cell phone. They can act as a reception service so you don’t have to hire an office staff to take calls.

You choose how the service will route your calls and you won’t have to worry about providing a receptionist with busy work when the phones aren’t ringing.

AnswerHero provides urgent call answering services for property managers along with a free local phone number for the residents, no contracts and no setup fees for the service. You can read more about the services we provide on the services page.

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