Are Your After Hours Calls Covered This Thanksgiving?

Everyone Deserves a Break

We are not machines. We might feel like that sometimes, but really, we’re not. Deep down we know that there is more to life than work. If you are a business owner you know your employees deserve a break. Did you know that you, too, deserve a break? Newsflash: burnt-out people are of no use to anyone. You know this, so you tell your employees to go home and enjoy Thanksgiving. There’s only one problem.

But You Can’t Help It, You Worry

What if an urgent call comes in and there is no one to answer the phone?

  • Will the person leave a message?
  • Will they call again?
  • Have you just lost a potential client to a competitor?
  • Does it matter?

It Matters

  • If you lose a potential client, it matters.
  • If you are not there for a current client and they lose trust, it matters.
  • If you can’t ever fully relax and replenish yourself, it matters.

The Things You Don’t Need To Do

  • You don’t have to be on edge when you want to be present with your loved ones.
  • Your employees don’t have to work overtime.
  • You don’t have to lose out on business or risk alienating current clients.

It’s So Simple

With AnswerHero as your partner, you never have to worry about staffing the phone after hours, over weekends, or during the holidays.

  • A friendly, efficient, LIVE, fully bilingual, expertly trained AnswerHero team member will become the extension to your office team that you always wished you had.
  • Never miss an urgent call. We route urgent calls based on your instructions.
  • Never lose a potential client to a competitor because you were not able to take the call. We will gather basic information and even use your calendar to set up an appointment.
  • Never risk losing a current client because they can’t get hold of you.
  • When things get busy at the office we handle your call overflow.
  • We’re expert message-takers and we’re great at building relationships through friendly efficiency as if your business is our business, which is how we feel. We treat your clients the way we treat our own clients.

It’s no accident that we’re the Nation’s Number 1 Fully Bilingual 24/7 Call Answering and Virtual Assistant Service.

We hold ourselves to the highest standards and that makes all the difference.

Our plans start at $29 per month. Check out our pricing page and see how easy and seamless it is to sign up.

Discover what peace of mind feels like.

Give your customers and clients stellar service.

And You?

What will you do if you have time?  Well, there are so many things you could do. You could read a book, take a nap, take a walk and look at the fall colors, play a game, watch an old movie, do a craft, dance in the kitchen, call that friend you’ve been meaning to call, daydream… and just be a human on this beautiful spinning planet of ours.

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