Call Answering Services for Health Insurance Providers

The Affordable Health Care for America Act or “Obamacare” made a lot of changes to the medical industry, and it has left some people very confused. They have tons of questions and need someone to provide them with answers.

If you are a medical insurance company, your phone has probably been ringing off the hook. People are scrambling to get coverage and make deadlines to avoid paying hefty fines. Your staff may be answering a lot of the same questions over and over again, taking away from the time they could be spending on other matters.

Phone Answering Services Help the Medical Insurance Industry

Because many of the calls that insurance providers are getting are very similar, insurance agencies are turning to phone answering services to help with the influx of calls. Agents are given all of the information they need to provide patients or doctors with the answers they seek promptly. This means that your medical insurance staff can focus more on running your company, rather than fielding the same questions over and over.

Phone answering services can help by providing excellent, accurate information over the phone. Here are some of the many other reasons why insurance providers are using these services:

  • 24-hour call answering helps clients day or night
  • Having bilingual staff eliminates the language barrier
  • Lead capture and appointment-setting services reduce the need to transfer
  • Custom solutions make it easy to incorporate services into the medical field
  • Messages from clients can still be forwarded

AnswerHero is a phone answering service that specializes in bilingual services and disaster recovery. Your medical insurance company needs a competent team to help ensure your clients are getting the care they need, especially at times when the call volume spikes.

Get a Virtual Answering System

If your medical insurance company is tired of answering all of the same questions over and over again, you need the help of a virtual answering system. Explore custom phone answering solutions with the help of AnswerHero today. You will quickly see how much it can improve your company. Check out our pricing plans or contact us today!