Live Answering Services for IT Companies

Technical problems can be some of the hardest to deal with. Most of them can’t be explained within a few minutes or don’t have simple solutions. When customers call tech support hotlines and only hear a recording, it can be very frustrating, as it doesn’t always address the problem at hand.
If you are an IT company, you should never rely on automated messages to help your customers. Having an experienced technician answering every call doesn’t just increase customer satisfaction, it helps improve call times and ensures that issues are being solved right the first time. Learn more about how a call center can help improve your customer service with this helpful guide.

Quickly Answer Calls 24-Hours a Day

Problems, especially computer and internet-related issues, don’t always occur between 9 and 5 o’clock anymore. People tend to use technology throughout the day, even if they are using it for business purposes. Even if your IT company targets people working in a traditional office setting, you never know who is going to need help in the middle of the night.

Having the ability to answer calls 24-hours a day is a necessity for the modern business. It doesn’t just allow you to better respond to emergency situations; it allows you to show how much you care about your customers.

The Best Disaster Recovery Services

In the IT world, a power outage could lead to lost revenue for both you and your customers. When electrical problems or disasters out of your control occur, you need to be there for your customers and show them you are fixing the problem. Unfortunately, you can’t always answer phones and take action at the same time.

Working with a call center service allows you to ensure that every customer is getting personalized attention during an emergency situation. This keeps them informed and allows you to work on solving the problem as quickly as possible.

Use Call Routing to Save Time

Most IT companies don’t just offer a support hotline. They have several departments that help take care of customers. Whether your callers are trying to pay a bill, fix a problem or want to upgrade their service, they need to be able to speak to the right representative. Live call routing services can help you ensure your customers are always speaking to someone who can help them.

Investing in a call center service like AnswerHero doesn’t just make your IT job easier, it improves your ability to help your customers. To learn more about the importance of 24-hour service, disaster recovery or call routing, please contact us today.