Live Answering Services for Doctor’s Offices

It’s a fact: people prefer to speak to people rather than automated attendants. AnswerHero has a proven track record of providing answering services to the healthcare industry. With AnswerHero as your partner patients will always be able to hear the voice of a live person on the other side of the line.

Fewer and fewer people are comfortable leaving voicemails and nowhere is this more evident than in the healthcare field where current or potential patients might need to speak to someone urgently and feel stressed or uncomfortable when asked to leave a message or put on hold.

Excellent and compassionate care goes beyond the time you spend with your patients. The friendliness and efficiency of your practice and its administrative procedures set the tone for your whole practice. Being available in a way that is friendly and professional goes a long way to making patients feel that they can trust and rely on you.

Availability 24 Hours a Day

AnswerHero provides call answering services 24-7.  This really does mean any time, day or night, including weekends and holidays.

Unforeseen Circumstances

Depending on where you live there may be unforeseen circumstances like hurricanes, blizzards or power outages that could affect your practice. Dealing with emergency situations like these can put a strain on staff. Let AnswerHero be your partner and help you deal with emergencies. We can cancel and reschedule appointments and deal with overflow calls that come in should you be operating with a skeleton staff.

A Variety of Services

Offering bilingual services is just another perk of using AnswerHero. All our agents are fluent in both Spanish and English. In addition to call answering services, AnswerHero offers Virtual Receptionists. Call us today to find out what a Virtual Receptionist can do for you and what level of service is right for you.

How Does it Work?

The pricing is simple and upfront. There are no contracts, no setup fees and no holiday fees. Sign up, pick a plan, personalize the package for your office and follow the provided instructions. That’s all there is to it. AnswerHero assigns customers a local phone number, and provides email, text and fax delivery of a daily summary report free of charge. But we can do so much more.

Our business is dedicated to quality service and customer satisfaction. Our team responds to calls with the utmost diligence and timeliness. If you are interested in increasing productivity and providing quality care to your patients and future patients, consider making AnswerHero your partner. Check out our pricing plans or contact us today!