Feedback Control with Survey Phone Calls

All businesses need feedback on their products and services. This allows for a business to make informed decisions.

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When calls come in, we can ask your callers questions and record their answers in a form or a web survey. This will save you time and money, and give you useful information that you can take into account in your decision-making.

There are 6 steps to collecting data that can be used in business decision-making.



Surveys are great for marketing firms, small business owners — really any business that is interested in tracking how well they are doing in terms of customer service or product satisfaction. Your business can’t grow or succeed in a vacuum. You need to know when you’re on the right track before you’ve traveled too far down the same road.

Surveys allow you to make corrections in a product or service that aren’t performing as well as expected.

At AnswerHero™, we save you time and money by providing you the resources to collect the data you need to make skillful business decisions.


We can ask questions that provide valuable insights into a variety of industries. Whether you are providing a product or a service, make sure that you track client and customer satisfaction by asking the right people the right questions.



There are countless business benefits of doing phone surveys, from important data collection to precise analysis of the market. Some of the other notable advantages include:


Improved Response Rate

Web surveys usually tend to yield suboptimal results because it’s easy to opt out and forget about them. However, when you have a polite and trained individual on the other side of the call, things tend to go in a different direction. On top of that, phone surveys do not require you to send the results via mail or fill anything out. Therefore, it’s safe to say that phone surveys have a by far better response rate than web polls.

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People Feel Appreciated

Having a real person behind the phone instead of an answering machine adds a personal touch to the whole concept. People are always going to be more forgiving and cooperative when they are dealing with a real individual. Phone surveys let the client know that your business cares for them on a personal level, which improves the reputation of your business.


Convenient Quality Control

By hiring already trained professionals, you are eliminating a layer of mandatory quality control. In other words, well-trained professionals know how to handle a variety of situations ranging from stressful ones to benevolent concerns. The same cannot be said for individuals who have no experience in phone surveys.

Therefore, if you opt to conduct a survey as a business, it’s a much better idea to do it with the help of trained professionals instead of hiring someone and wasting both time and resources on training and quality control. With a professional agency on the other side of the call, you don’t have to worry about micromanagement and resource control.

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