Virtual Receptionist for Lawyers

In a small firm, a virtual law office receptionist will do wonders. Besides freeing up time, they can screen calls, help with follow-up, manage your schedule and, with the right service, collect missing payments.

Receptionist Service Basics

Your firm can hire a full-time receptionist, but if your firm takes this route, you will be looking at a range of responsibilities. There’s time spent recruiting, interviewing and training, or paying an agency to do it for you. And now you have a salary, health benefits, time off, and employer taxes on the table.

With a receptionist service, you partner with providers fully equipped to handle a variety of legal management tasks. And you won’t even need to find physical space for them. 

Virtual receptionists are money savers. Unlike a physical presence at the office, virtual partners bill only for the time allotted to your practice. No more eight-hour shifts or time-and-a-half wages. Your callers can talk to a lawyer for free 24/7 chat.

What Does a Receptionist Service Do?

Virtual receptionists provide top administrative services remotely. They manage routine operations like calendaring, planning, electronic documentation and, of course, taking and screening phone calls.

Personalize your client services by eliminating voice messaging. Even if you choose to keep a traditional receptionist, know that anyone trying to reach out after hours will still get a human voice. In a world run by machines, clients see the human voice as VIP treatment. A sign of cordiality will enhance your reputation.

Best Answering Service for Lawyers

Friendly Female Helpline Operator With Headphones

Virtual receptionists will very likely be your first point of contact. Apply their administrative talents to your benefit. 

Design a specialized plan to suit your circumstances. A law office receptionist can answer your phone at specific times and on specific days. They can relieve you of calendar and email management. You can delegate travel planning, general internet research, client gifts, event planning, meeting organizations, and more to them. They can help with blog posts, social media management, and newsletters.

This is an ideal situation for a small or solo legal operation where you’re likely multitasking far more than you want to. Virtual receptionists are the best way to enhance business efficiency. They’ll give you peace of mind, allowing you to focus on case matters and delivering better client services.

Do You Need a Virtual Receptionist? 

If you’re looking for the best answering service for lawyers, and you’re on the fence about making a decision, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you spend too much time answering or ignoring your phone?
  • Would your job be easier if you had help with client intake and management?
  • Would it be helpful if you didn’t have to keep looking at your screen to see if you missed messages?
  • Would it be helpful if you had professional help with leads, scheduling, and refining your firm’s professional image?

AnswerHero encourages you to answer these questions so that you can see how a virtual receptionist for lawyers is a low-cost, high-return choice. The respect a human voice represents will keep clients calling. Have calls screened so that you spend more time on cases and less time on the phone while still being able to bill phone hours?

A 24/7 virtual receptionist ensures you never miss calls from new clients. Remember, new clients can come in at any hour. 

If you want to know more about virtual receptionists, contact AnswerHero. In the meantime, leave a comment or share this post with others who would find this information valuable.