Virtual Receptionists for Insurance Companies

Insurance concept

When it comes to insurance, there are many confused people who don’t understand the medical or legal jargon. They will call your insurance company for answers. If you leave them to voicemail or a busy signal, they’ll be frustrated on top of confused. As long as you can respond quickly to their questions and concerns, they’ll be extremely loyal to your company.

The Best Lead Capturing Service for Insurance Companies

You can save time by having an office staff answer common questions easily without tying up your valuable time with phone calls that aren’t going to turn into leads. We’ll answer the call with your script or phrase, answer general questions, and concerns of a potential client and immediately send you viable leads directly to the method of your choice. We can send them by fax, email or live message relay. Find out more about our lead capturing service.

24 Hour Answering for Your Insurance Customers

The world of insurance is extremely competitive. With a 24 hour answering service, you can edge out your competition by providing potential customers with a place to ask questions and discuss insurance with a live person. While the operators are not insurance experts, they can be given a script that helps them answer basic, common questions asked by most potential customers. This will give them confidence that they’re about to choose the right company. Learn more about 24 hour answering services.

Pricing and Contracts for the Answering Service

There’s a simple upfront pricing agreement for your own team of operators. There are no contracts and setup fees to worry about with this service. You can pick exactly what services you would like for your business including lead capturing,message taking and bilingual call answering for your Spanish-speaking customers. There are also no holiday fees, so you’ll be able to enjoy your holiday with family and friends without worrying about your business.

AnswerHero has free local phone numbers available and a ton of other features for your insurance company. Give is a call today to find out what we can do for your business.

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