Virtual Receptionists for Property Managers

Property managers often have a lot on their plates, from fielding maintenance calls from tenants to responding to inquiries from clients. A cost-effective way for a property manager or property management firm to handle calls is to hire a virtual receptionist. It’s a move that can easily boost your reputation as a property manager while also giving you the opportunity to attract new clients. Here are some more reasons to take advantage of the services offered by experienced virtual receptionists.

Maximizing Your Property Management Profits

By using a virtual receptionist service, you’ll only pay for the services provided during the hours you want your phone calls handled. You won’t have to dip into your profits to hire extra full-time staff who will need to be paid even when they aren’t answering phones. You’ll also save money by not having to:

  •  Worry about expenses for benefits
  •  Pay overtime rates for after-hours call answering
  • Invest time and money for training – virtual receptionists are ready to get to work for you ASAP!

Getting Phone Support When You Need It

A virtual receptionist can fill many different roles for property managers. What’s also great about virtual receptionist service is the flexibility you’ll have. For instance, you might prefer to outsource call answering during certain hours of the day, or only after your normal business hours. You can also make arrangements to:

  • Only have certain types of calls immediately transferred to you or someone on your staff (e.g., emergency maintenance service requests or potential clients wanting to speak directly to a property manager)
  •  Prioritize after-hours call messages so you’ll know which calls to return first when you get back into the office
  •  Have urgent after-hours calls transferred to you or someone on your staff
  •  Continue to have calls fielded on weekends and holidays
  • Have calls answered, transferred, and prioritized as per your preferences and instructions

Providing Better Customer Service

In an effort to streamline costs, many property management offices have their managers perform multiple tasks, one of which is answering phones. However, when managers are busy meeting and screening prospective tenants, showing properties, coordinating with maintenance staff, or doing paperwork, some calls simply go unanswered. By instantly adding a virtual receptionist to your staff, you can provide a better level of customer service for anyone who may contact you. Plus, while your competitors are letting calls go unanswered or straight to voicemail, you can hire a virtual receptionist and:

  • Make a good first impression on property owners and other potential clients
  • Earn a solid reputation for putting clients and tenants first
  • Promptly respond to tenant needs and possibly boost your lease renewal and tenant retention rates

A Service You Can Count On

Our fully bilingual English/Spanish 24/7/365 service means that whether your customers call during the day, at night, or on the weekend, we’ll answer with friendly, professional greetings. Our simple, upfront pricing means we never charge extra, even during your busy holiday season. Every day of the year, your customers are in good hands with AnswerHero.

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