24 Hour Call Answering Services for Corporate Lawyers

Corporate lawyers provide legal counsel for businesses of all sizes. They provide advice, craft documents, and serve as representation in court.

  • Corporate lawyers often work as part of a firm that fields a large number of calls each day.
  • Potential clients call to inquire about retaining a corporate lawyer’s services.
  • The firm receives requests for meetings from clients.
  • Office workers for the firm must split their time between doing clerical work and answering the phones.

AnswerHero is a virtual receptionist company that helps corporate lawyers provide the best possible service to clients.

  • AnswerHero representatives answer the phones no matter what time a call comes in. Although most corporate clients call during business hours, with 24-hour answering, we’re also there to take late-night emergency calls.
  • We set appointments for you to meet with clients. We rely on your calendar, so the appointments will work for you.
  • Our receptionists can answer callers’ questions, take messages, or route calls according to your directions.

A corporate law firm carries the serious responsibility of providing legal services for businesses. Doing a thorough job requires complete focus and dedication, but answering the phones can detract from that. When AnswerHero takes the calls, the firm will be better able to provide excellent legal representation by having fewer interruptions during the workday.

Choosing the Right Answering Service

AnswerHero knows how to make every client feel like your only client. We provide personalized attention, which communicates to your clients that you are dedicated to their success.

Other answering services rely on voicemail messages and impersonal recorded menus. We skip those and instead greet every call with a live professional, friendly, voice.

When AnswerHero is on your team, your callers will never face a recorded message. They’ll rest assured that your firm is there for their business day and night.

AnswerHero Can Help

Businesses depend on corporate lawyers for their legal needs. The firm must handle many calls from clients, but AnswerHero is there for each one. We meet every call with a professional live greeting. Turn to AnswerHero for your Live English/Spanish Virtual Receptionist and 24/7 Call Answering Service Needs.

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