Answering Services for Criminal Defense Lawyers

When call volumes increase, your law office staff must keep up with calls while balancing other important responsibilities. What can you do to satisfy current clients and generate leads? Work with a professional criminal defense lawyer call answering service

At AnswerHero™, we help your criminal defense law firm stay productive and grow your clientele.

AnswerHero Provides Virtual Receptionist Capabilities

Our virtual receptionist service takes call answering one step further with a more branded approach. When you choose virtual receptionist services, you'll have the chance to create a custom greeting and develop more in-depth instructions for our agents to help them represent your brand. This solution makes our agents more recognizable with your callers and helps to build brand awareness for your criminal defense office.

Benefits of a Professional Answering Service for Your Criminal Defense Law Office

Your law office can experience many advantages with an answering service.


Improve Lead Generation

You may think your voicemail is enough when you miss your calls, but it may not be doing as much as you think. When a first-time caller reaches out to your office and hears a voicemail recording, there's a high chance they won't leave a message or call you back. Potential clients want action or a sense that they're moving forward with your services — your voicemail doesn't provide that sense of satisfaction.

Call answering services connect your callers to a real person within a couple of rings. Even if these leads only leave a message, putting them in contact with someone on the other end shows that your business is responsive and cares. Plus, they are far less likely to take their business elsewhere, and you generate more leads as a result.


Boost Productivity

When calls interrupt your day, it can reduce focus on key tasks like meeting with clients and researching cases. Professional call answering services allow you to minimize time spent on the phone and dedicate that time to high-priority tasks. Feeling more focused and dedicated to your cases boosts productivity and helps your clients feel more valued during your partnership.

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Increase Call Efficiency

Calls can be a lengthy experience without a defined process. Your callers might not get routed to the right people, or your busy staff may not have the time to complete tasks based on clients' needs. As a result, callers might feel like time over the phone is wasted.

Leveraging call answering services allows you to standardize the call process, aligning with requirements that you set and can increase overall efficiency. With call agents handling basic tasks like taking messages and setting appointments, you can reduce the need for transfers and shorten your callers' time on the phone.

Our Client Testimonials

Lousise H
Lousise H

"We never imagined that using an answering service could be so good for business. We've been able to grow month over month while at the same time increasing customer satisfaction. You are trulu a partner that we can grow with"

Daphne L
Daphne L

"I partnered with AnswerHero to provide quality customer interface as my Reception services. It has turned be one of my best business investments. A professional team provides great quality, immediate transfer of messages for a great value..

I am very pleased with the responsiveness and attention to customer details."

Nick D
Nick D

AnswerHero is a fantastic organization. All of my interactions with their staff have had very positive outcomes. They have taken outstanding care of my company's needs while at the same time acting in a very polite, friendly and responsive tone. I would recommend them to anyone that is looking for a professional and effective company.

Marko E
Marko E

AnswerHero's has managed our overflow and afterhours calls for the past 2 years and exceeded expectations. We manager over 1,800 rental units and they handled calls 24/7. Their bilingual operators are professional and collect all the necessary information. Moreover, changes to our call answering flow are updated promptly and to our exact specifications. I researched many other companies and while others offered elaborate set-up and high-tech features, I went with AnswerHero's because of their staff. The feedback I receive from my clients is always positive and a great reflection of my ability to serve their needs! AnswerHero is a great partner that I am happy to use in my business. Great Job Team!!

Change the Way You Take Calls With AnswerHero™

With AnswerHero™, you answer every call, every time. Our solution helps you experience the full benefits of a professional answering service.

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    100% Bilingual Answering & Translation

    As a law office, you work with a diverse client base, including Spanish speakers. The United States has over 57 million Spanish speakers — so there's a high likelihood that your callers will speak Spanish as their first language. Our call answering services are 100% bilingual to help you reach your Spanish-speaking clientele. This feature is built into our service, so you don't have to pay extra to make sure your clients are heard and understood.

    While our call agents can speak fluent Spanish with your callers, they can also provide translation services when required. If a caller is not comfortable speaking English, one of our agents will stay on the line to facilitate the conversation between you and your client.

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    24/7/365 Operation

    Call answering support during business hours enhances your productivity, while call answering outside of operating hours improves your accessibility. You can only be in the office so many hours a week, but our agents are available 24/7/365. Whether it's late on a weekday evening, a Saturday morning or a national holiday, our agents will answer the phones and take messages from your callers.

    Additionally, we provide disaster recovery support. If your office becomes unavailable during a natural disaster or other unexpected event, our professionals will continue to answer the phone and keep your callers informed.

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    Agency with Legal Proficiency

    The legal industry has a range of niche terms and procedures that your clients will likely reference over the phone. We pair you with agents who are proficient in legal vernacular to ensure clear, accurate communication with your callers. Our agents represent your business well to keep clients satisfied with your services.

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    Advanced Features

    AnswerHero™ call answering services are designed to help your business succeed. Our call agents provide a range of services over the phone to boost your productivity and ensure callers stay in touch with your office. These advanced features include:

    • Urgent call answering
    • Message taking
    • Call transferring and routing
    • Appointment setting

    With our agents providing these solutions, you can vastly reduce your staff's workload and make sure every caller is heard.

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    No Contracts

    Call volumes can change dramatically throughout the year, and we want to align with your shifting needs. With our contract-free service, you're not locked in for a year or more, and you can change your arrangements month to month. We're committed to making our solutions work for your requirements as call demands fluctuate.

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    Intuitive Web Portal

    When you shift call answering responsibilities to our team, you need a way to stay connected to your calls. With our user-friendly web portal, you can access all call-related activity. View calls taken, messages recorded and appointments scheduled in an intuitive and mobile-friendly portal.

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    Quick Onboarding

    If your call volumes are out of hand, you need a solution fast. AnswerHero™ has an efficient onboarding process to get you started with our services the moment you need them. Once you choose a plan and answer a few questions regarding your law firm, you will have a brief consultation wit our onboarding specialists to learn about your goals and needs. From there, we create your unique forwarding phone number, and our agents start answering calls based on the instructions you provide.

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    Flexible pricing Options

    We've created multiple pricing plans based on our experience with businesses and their call answering needs. Each plan comes with a set amount of minutes per month and a flat rate for adding minutes beyond your plan. Every option features 24/7/365 bilingual answering. Our starter plan includes basic features to help you get started with our solutions, and the other options include advanced offerings

    We keep our pricing completely transparent to make the cost predictable every month. Plus, we don't have any setup fees, so what you see is what you pay for.

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