Answering Services for Family Law Attorneys

From taking in new clients to scheduling meetings with current ones, your phone line is the center of your work. A dedicated call answering team helps you stay connected with your clients without being interrupted.


AnswerHero Provides Virtual Receptionist Solutions

Virtual receptionist services are an elevated approach to call answering. As your virtual receptionist, one of our agents will become a strong extension of your team with more branded elements. This more personal approach to call answering allows your clients to experience a personalized greeting every time they call your family law office.

The Benefits of AnswerHero’s Family Law Attorney Answering Services

Experience the benefits of call answering services for your family law attorney's office.


Focus on Important Tasks

While ensuring new and existing phone calls are handled professionally and efficiently, it's probably not the most important task on your to-do list. As a family attorney, you need to dedicate time to studying cases, completing research and meeting with clients face-to-face. Dedicating too much time to answering the phones can take away from the quality of your legal work.

Call answering services ensure every call gets answered every time so you can focus on your priorities and give your clients the attention they deserve.

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Improve Client Satisfaction

When your phone line is busy, your office isn't the only one feeling the effects. When callers need your law services but can't get a hold of you, they'll get increasingly frustrated with your business. Call answering services give your callers someone to talk to the moment they pick up the phone. Whether they're directed to their lawyer, get an appointment scheduled or leave a message with your office, your clients will enjoy the satisfaction of connecting with your firm.

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Make Phone Calls More Efficient

Every call has a purpose, whether it is inquiring about your services, needing to schedule a meeting with one of your attorneys or completing a payment over the phone. A trusted call answering team can help connect the caller to the appropriate member of your team without causing unnecessary disruptions. Your team will become more efficient focusing on what they do best, while also having the confidence that your new and existing clients’ needs are being met.


Bring More Leads

Many people calling your office are potential clients looking to schedule a consultation. If they get a busy signal, there's a high chance they'll take their business to another family law office in the area. Answering these calls is essential for interacting with potential clients and qualifying leads. Call answering services ensure every caller gets greeted by a real person when they call your office every time.

Our Client Testimonials

Lousise H
Lousise H

"We never imagined that using an answering service could be so good for business. We've been able to grow month over month while at the same time increasing customer satisfaction. You are trulu a partner that we can grow with"

Daphne L
Daphne L

"I partnered with AnswerHero to provide quality customer interface as my Reception services. It has turned be one of my best business investments. A professional team provides great quality, immediate transfer of messages for a great value..

I am very pleased with the responsiveness and attention to customer details."

Nick D
Nick D

AnswerHero is a fantastic organization. All of my interactions with their staff have had very positive outcomes. They have taken outstanding care of my company's needs while at the same time acting in a very polite, friendly and responsive tone. I would recommend them to anyone that is looking for a professional and effective company.

Marko E
Marko E

AnswerHero's has managed our overflow and afterhours calls for the past 2 years and exceeded expectations. We manager over 1,800 rental units and they handled calls 24/7. Their bilingual operators are professional and collect all the necessary information. Moreover, changes to our call answering flow are updated promptly and to our exact specifications. I researched many other companies and while others offered elaborate set-up and high-tech features, I went with AnswerHero's because of their staff. The feedback I receive from my clients is always positive and a great reflection of my ability to serve their needs! AnswerHero is a great partner that I am happy to use in my business. Great Job Team!!

AnswerHero™ Services and Capabilities

Never miss another call with our comprehensive call answering services.

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    100% Bilingual Answering

    Your clients come from a diverse range of backgrounds, and for many Spanish may be their preferred language. Our call answering services include bilingual agents — at no extra charge — to ensure you can support all types of clients. When a caller gets to interact with someone who knows their language, they already feel they're in good hands.

    In addition to bilingual answering services, your call answering professionals can provide translation services. If you need to interact with a client who only speaks Spanish, one of our agents will facilitate the conversation to ensure everyone understands each other.

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    A Wide Range of Capabilities

    You can design our call answering services based on your family law office's unique needs. While the primary responsibility of our agents is picking up the phone, they can handle many other tasks, such as:

    • Call routing and transferring
    • Message taking
    • Appointment setting
    • Call answering during emergencies
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    After-Hours Answering

    Our call answering services do more than answer your calls during busy open hours. Our team supports you after hours, too. Count on our professionals to answer your phones 24/7/365. After-hours calls include any calls outside of business hours and on holidays, so your clients always get served. During these hours, our call agents can take messages for your family law attorneys and schedule appointments.

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    No Contracts

    We understand that your call answering needs change throughout the year. Our no-contracts approach allows you to adjust your services as needed, so you only pay for the necessary support with no hidden fees or charges.

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    Callers Experienced With the Legal Industry

    When selecting your call answering team, we ensure they have experience in the legal industry. This expertise is valuable for understanding terminology that may be used over calls. Additionally, your family law call answering professionals will represent the authority of your business to prove that callers can trust your law office.

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    User-Friendly Web Portal

    While our call agents take on your calls, you'll be able to access a full call log and any messages taken in the process. Our web portal is easy to navigate, so you can find everything you need and stay connected to your calls.

Frequently Asked Questions

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