6 Ways Virtual Receptionists Help Law Offices and Attorneys

If you operate a law office, you might be wondering how you can benefit from virtual receptionists rather than multiple in-house secretaries. If you have never heard of one, much less used one, read on to understand some of the benefits and advantages that your firm could have by enlisting the help of a virtual receptionist. It can be difficult to gauge the level of effectiveness of virtual secretaries unless you or an associate has had direct experience with one.

Positive Feedback and Client Retention

Virtual receptionists directly interact with your clients via phone or the Internet, and they are dedicated to their craft of dealing with client interactions. Whether you use online chat for your website or telephony, virtual receptionists show your clients that they care and are reassuring in times of uneasiness. They excel in customer service, and clients are more likely to return to a law firm if the receptionist does well with them during initial interaction.

Apprehensive of Confidentiality

When it comes to dealing with clients seeking legal counsel, dedicated virtual receptionists understand how to deal with confidentiality issues concerning clients. Virtual receptionists remove your burden of ensuring confidentiality. They are already trained in dealing with all kinds of confidentiality issues concerning a wide range of businesses and agencies. They follow the best practices according to each industry and will put your client’s concerns at ease.

Cost Efficiency

In-house receptionists require more money based on per hour or salaried basis in contrast to virtual receptionists. You would have to pay more for less work than they implement, whereas virtual receptionists only charge for the time that they actually use when answering your calls. Also, you can sell or avoid purchasing the in-house equipment needed to employ a full-time staff member to collect your calls.

Talk With Real People About Real Concerns

A lot of clients may call your firm feeling very frantic and anxious about their legal matters. Talking with someone experienced in dealing with the anxiety and mixed emotions that come from legal adversity can help ease tensions. An attorney answering service is experienced in addressing these concerns. Your clients do not have to navigate through galaxies of automated systems that essentially say, “Press 1 or 2 if you…” and the list goes on for roughly 30 minutes.

Addressing Multilingual Issues

If you operate in an area dense with multilingual cultures, an attorney answering service will meet your client’s communication needs. For example, if you live in an area with Spanish or Chinese-speaking people, an attorney answering service will match them with the appropriate receptionist who speaks the same language as your client.