How to Turn a Customer Complaint Into a Compliment

Many business owners look at customer complaints as dismal happenings. A new manager may take the complaints as personal attacks. That outlook only hurts the business because it can foster negative reactions. The best way to deal with unhappy customers is to find a formula to turn them into happy customers. The following are some tips on how to turn customer complaints into compliments:

Use Virtual Receptionists and Answering Service Programs

Upset customers want their complaints handled immediately. They want customer service representatives to answer their ringing calls right away so that they can receive instant gratification. The fastest way to annoy a customer even further is not to be available when that person needs assistance. Business establishments will want to make use of virtual receptionists and answering service programs. Such programs will help to create happy customers because they will receive immediate attention.

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Train Agents in the Areas of Compassion and Empathy

All staff members should have training in the areas of compassion and empathy. They should know how to align with the patrons, and they should be capable of trying to understand their struggles. The company can increase retention by training customer service agents and salespersons on how to align with customers and find resolutions that are specific to their situations.

Listen and Apologize

Many customers want to speak with someone who will listen when they call with a complaint. The small gesture of keeping a closed mouth and an open ear can help a person to calm down. Taking the further step of apologizing for the customer’s trouble on behalf of the business can help to change the customer’s frown into a smile, as well.

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