Non-Profit Organizations can benefit from the flexibility of on-demand services to help with everything from appointment setting to message-taking, call routing, surveys, and so much more. Non-profits have unique needs and constraints that make hiring additional full-time staff financially impossible. With AnswerHero™ as a partner, you know that whatever situations arise, you are covered.



Call Routing and
Transferring Phone Calls


Message taking


Appointment Setting


Bilingual and Translation Services

Reasons Your Nonprofit Organization
Needs Answering Service

Even if you are a non-profit organization, money is still meaningful, some would even argue that it’s more crucial because there’s less of it. In order for non-profits to stay afloat, they need to rely on donations from generous supporters, so every penny counts. This means that you as a founder are probably already juggling more responsibility than you can handle.

From organizing fundraisers, working with your staff and processing donations, there’s really little to no time to worry about answering your office phone. Yet, most of those donations that keep your doors open come from those calls.

AnswerHero™ can help generate positive cash flow by offering a 24-hour dedicated answering service that will handle all incoming calls, give out valuable information about your mission and goals, and make sure your non-benefit organization is represented in the most professional manner possible.

On top of that, our services are offered at a competitive price — in the form of flexible monthly plans where you get to choose what type of service your establishment requires. By hiring AnswerHero™, you’ll make room for other crucial tasks, such as further progressing with your mission and setting new goals.

When relying on donations to fund your non-profit organization, it’s all about building trust and credibility. People who donate to your cause want to know exactly what they are supporting with their hard earned money. It is vital that the person who answers their calls is well-informed, polite, and trustworthy. These are attributes are often used to describe our agents, but the praise doesn’t stop there. We always strive to improve our service and find ways to exceed the expectations of our clients.

Aside from having all the necessary skills to perform their job to the highest standard, our agents are also bilingual, providing support for your benefactors in both English and Spanish. To be a great non-profit organization, you want to be able to reach as many people as possible. With AnswerHero™, no one is left out!


Benefits of Hiring AnswerHero™
for Your Nonprofit Organization

Non-profits always pay special attention to how they handle their funds — that’s why, when hiring external help, they want to make sure they are getting the most out of their money. Here are some of the benefits you can expect if you hire AnswerHero™ as your phone answering service.

Always on Alert

If the purpose of your organization is on a global level, donations might come from any part of the globe. This is where you have to count on dealing with different time zones. What is the middle of the night for you, might be the middle of the day for someone who’s trying to reach you. AnswerHero™ can help your global mission by offering 24-hour service, making sure not a single call goes unanswered.

Generating Leads

As mentioned before, running a non-profit requires a steady cash flow if you are to accomplish your goals and help those in need. Aside from efficient money management, you’ll need help with finding generous people to support your cause.

We can help you with capturing leads that will bring you the money you need to keep your doors open and continue providing your service to those who need it the most. By sharing your goals and giving us valuable information, our agents can use the info to attract potential donors. We can achieve great things for your establishment.

Taking Care Of Your Schedule

Someone who is as busy as you are could definitely use some help when it comes to organizing your schedule. Our virtual receptionists can be of great assistance with appointment setting, rerouting calls, and making sure your agenda is followed as planned.

Let us in on your guidelines, give us access to your calendar, and we will take care of the rest. During our initial meeting, you can set the procedures that you’d like us to follow, and we will adjust your schedule accordingly. We’ll notify you using the method that works best, to let you know when we’ve made changes or additions to your schedule.

You Pick The Plan

Not only do we have competitive prices, but we also let you pick and choose what kind of service your non-profit can benefit from. Our highly-adjustable monthly plans will give you the needed flexibility and can be adjusted to fit your budget and preferences without tying you to a contract.

These are just some of the benefits AnswerHero™ can provide for your organization. Find out how we can increase your productivity while also reducing your costs by contacting us directly.


Who Can Benefit from Our
Telephone Answering Service

Higher Education

Non-profit universities are becoming extremely popular among students because they offer a unique learning environment and are generally more affordable. However, students are renowned for asking a ton of questions that need to be answered in a timely fashion. No matter what kind of higher education institution you run, it is useful having a virtual receptionist who is always ready to take calls, give students proper directions, and take messages for your academic personnel.

Often, people returning to school are unable to call the university during business hours because they are working, too. Our virtual receptionist is available 24/7, and with access to the calendar, he or she can set up appointments between students and professors. Many universities use voice machines; you can differentiate your university by having a live person answering the phones after business hours.


Churches are places of spiritual restoration, but anyone involved in the administration of a church knows that creating that spiritual sanctuary for members requires tremendous effort and organization. While volunteers can take some of the workloads off your shoulders by generously offering their time to see their church prosper, counting on them is not a reliable solution. Hiring additional full-time staff members is also not a viable option due to financial restrictions.

Members of your parish and regular churchgoers will appreciate being able to reach their church at any time of the day, and that wouldn’t be possible without a professional answering service working around the clock and delivering flawless customer service. Here at AnswerHero™, we can guarantee a peace of mind for all of your parishioners.