Virtual Receptionist Services for Bankruptcy Lawyers

Bankruptcy lawyers provide expert legal guidance to families and businesses during what may be troubling financial times.

  • New clients seek information about a lawyer’s services before settling on a legal firm.
  • Current clients call to provide updates or ask questions about their case.
  • Some calls that come to a bankruptcy lawyer’s office are urgent—or feel urgent to the client—and must be handled with care, tact, and expertise.

AnswerHero provides virtual receptionist services for bankruptcy lawyers. We manage your phones to help you keep your business organized and in touch with clients.

  • AnswerHero checks your schedule before setting appointments so we can book around your court appearances, client meetings, and downtime.
  • Our team is trained to handle urgent calls. We can respond according to your instructions, take a message or put you in touch with the client right away.
  • We’ll help you capture new leads by answering every call with a friendly voice and expertly responding to questions.

With AnswerHero on your team, you won’t have to worry that you’re missing phone calls while covering your other responsibilities. Because we are equipped to handle overflow volume, clients won’t get a busy signal while your office staff is on another call.

Choosing the Right Answering Service

At AnswerHero, we believe in the power of greeting every call with a live voice. No matter what time of day it is, we’re ready to take your clients’ calls. When bankruptcy looms, clients want to get ahold of their legal firm day or night. Answering during office hours alone isn’t good enough. AnswerHero knows that some calls can’t wait. That’s why we offer 24/7/365 virtual receptionist services.

AnswerHero Can Help

People call bankruptcy lawyers during stressful times. They need to know that their lawyer is trustworthy and reliable. Because we are waiting by the phone to take your clients’ calls 24/7 and always provide a friendly, professional greeting, your clients will quickly learn that they can depend on your service during their bankruptcy proceedings.

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