Virtual Receptionist Services for Civil Litigation Lawyers

Civil litigation lawyers seek legal action on behalf of their clients. Appearing at arbitrations and trials, they can represent organizations or individuals.

  • Potential clients call the litigator’s office to inquire about services or set the first appointment.
  • Current clients contact the office to ask questions or present information about their case.
  • When new developments in a case arise, clients may need to get in contact with their lawyer right away.

Whether you have a private practice or represent a large firm, don’t waste money on in-office staff to cover every call. Instead, let AnswerHero handle some or even all of your calls.

  • We know how to handle every call. We can provide information about your services, take accurate messages, and route urgent calls right to you.
  • When clients call to book appointments, we refer to your calendar.
  • We answer the phone no matter when clients call—even after office hours or on the weekend.

Having a busy legal business is a good thing until the calls become too much to handle. Don’t let your staff get bogged down in trying to keep up with the phones. Instead, take a load off everyone’s shoulders by turning to AnswerHero.

Choosing the Right Answering Service

AnswerHero understands that clients going through a civil litigation process may be overwhelmed. That’s why we take great care to answer every call with professional expertise.

Recorded menus don’t communicate to clients that you’ll be there for their case 24/7. Only answering the phone with a live greeting can do that.

You will never miss a call because you’re busy representing a client or you’re out of the office. Our live receptionists are always there to handle your callers’ inquiries.

AnswerHero Can Help

You have a responsibility to represent your clients with careful attention and dedication. The AnswerHero team will cover your calls so you can give clients your all. Around the clock, we’ll be ready and waiting, to greet your callers with a professional greeting from a live receptionist.