Running your business efficiently is a top priority for every business owner in today’s economy. Yet professional quality and excellent service must be maintained. In order to have a professional answer the office phones, businesses have two options: either hire a receptionist or hire an answering service. Here we have laid out the cost for each – and it quickly becomes apparent which is the most cost effective option.

Average Cost of an Answering Service

The average small business will need between 250 and 500 answering service minutes per month. At 85 cents per minute that is a total cost of 200 to 420 dollars per month.

Average Cost of a Full Time Receptionist

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, receptionists made an average of $12.87 per hour in 2014. That means an average quality full time receptionist will cost a business $26,760 per year for salary not including payroll taxes or benefits.

At its simplest, hiring an answering service costs $200-$420/month and a full time receptionist costs $2,230/month.

Hidden Costs and Hidden Savings

The immediate cost savings is not the only benefit to hiring an answering service. There are several other ways hiring an answering service will save a business money.

A full time receptionist will cost a business money by:

  • only answering the phone 40 hours a week (what about the other 128?)
  • will need to be trained (up to two weeks of training)
  • will not answer the phone on their paid vacation
  • may not consistently interact with clients professionally (hello bad day)

An answering service will save a business money by:

  • answering 24/7 (no more missing that big client!)
  • does not require training
  • does not take paid vacations and does cover holidays
  • are experienced professionals who make it their business to keep their clients happy

Hiring a professional answering service is clearly the most cost effective option for any size business.

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