How to Maintain Business Growth During the Holidays

With the calendar year coming to a close, you probably have a lot on your plate. From finishing your paperwork to planning your goals for next year, and then keeping your business running in between. November and December are always busy periods for business owners, but before you get lost in a pile of planners and documents, remind yourself that the upcoming holidays can potentially be a lucrative period and that there is money to be made and opportunities to grow your business. 

This article is going to cover a couple of holiday promotion ideas for small businesses that you can use to boost your profits and expand during the upcoming festivities.

Promotions, Promotions, and More Promotions!

When the holidays come around, and people start leaning into the festive spirit, they slowly warm up to the idea of spending some of their hard-earned money. However, everyone is accustomed to getting that huge discount or a special offer. Some bargain hunters are explicitly waiting for the holidays to make a big purchase. Believe us when we say, consumers are on the lookout for huge sales, so the smart thing to do is to offer them exactly what they are looking for. 

There are a couple of strategies you can utilize to get the most out of the holiday season. For instance, you can go all out on a single offer and give a huge discount for one of your services or products. This can bring a lot of attention to your company and introduce your products and services to a larger audience. Another strategy is to plan out a series of different promotions and mini-events, which in turn will build more engagement and potentially give customers a reason to check out your business more frequently. Both are viable holiday marketing strategies, it’s just a matter of testing out what works best for your business.

Be Assertive and Propose Gift Ideas

The holidays are a perfect time to fully utilize your newsletter or email campaigning to increase current user engagement. Make sure your newsletter or email campaign has a jolly and festive vibe to it. Propose cool gift ideas and use them to plug in your products or services. Throw in a discount for good measure, which can help get a lot of engagement from your newsletter subscribers. Be creative instead of your customers and offer them a solution to their predicament.

Show You Appreciate Your Loyal Customers

Everyone is trying to lure in new customers with great offers and promotions, but it’s essential not to neglect the ones that are already familiar with your brand and have been contributing to your success in the past. Returning customers are the lifeline of small businesses, and you want to keep them happy. Luckily, the holidays are a perfect time to give back to your most loyal customers and show your appreciation. Send a special gift their way or offer them a nice discount on one of your services to show your loyalty and appreciation.

This next tip falls into the category of slightly cheesy yet successful holiday marketing campaigns. Yes, we’re talking about doing it old-fashioned and sending out holiday cards to your loyal customers. Now, there’s nothing stopping you from adding a personal touch and making it your own unique way of saying “thank you.”

Make Your Social Media Presence Festive

Just as you would decorate your physical space, it makes sense to add some holiday cheer to your Instagram profile, Facebook page, and any other social media platform you use. Holiday marketing is all about tapping into the holiday spirit and putting a smile on your customer’s face.

Offer free shipping for products sold through your social media posts or throw in a symbolic gift. The news will spread like wildfire, and you’ll be attracting new customers in no time. 

Make Your Social Media Presence Festive

Make Sure You’re Available

While figuring out your holiday business hours is a separate topic that deserves its own article, one thing to keep in mind is that you want to have at least one customer service representative answer your calls even during peak holiday days. If all your employees are on leave during the holidays, you might want to consider hiring some help

Host an Event

Decorate your office space or shop and invite customers and locals to join in the joyous festivities. You can host a charity event or have a fun little competition and give out prizes. The whole idea is to get a large group of different people together that can connect in a positive and cheerful atmosphere. If people start seeing you as a company that brings people together and gives back to the community, you’ll definitely have a few things going for you in the upcoming year.

Don’t miss out on the chance to host an event for your community. Even if it doesn’t earn you money or generate more activity and conversions the right way, it will greatly benefit your overall reputation in the long run. Quite frankly, it’s always nice to celebrate the holidays with people who support your brand or just live in the neighborhood, and the more people attend your event, the better.

And there you have it, a couple of holiday marketing tips that will help you spread holiday cheer, keep your business growing and bring in some extra profit just before you bring to a close yet another successful year. If you’re interested in reading similar articles to this one, make sure to check out our blog section.

We love sharing tips on customer service, marketing, and how to make your business more productive and efficient. You might also want to check out our service page if you’re looking to strengthen your ranks and improve your customer service team. Happy holidays from the AnswerHero team!