Effective Strategies for Professionals to Overcome Phone Anxiety

Phone calls are a key part of any professional environment, from law offices and HVAC companies to healthcare and IT. Your business needs phone calls to communicate with customers, clients and patients alike. When it feels like a lot is riding on these calls, you might feel anxiety over picking up the phone. This nervousness…
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The Ultimate Guide to Small Talk on the Phone

We’ve all been in a position where we had to engage in small talk — whether it’s a dental hygienist during a checkup or an acquaintance at the grocery store. Small talk is a big part of being human, and it especially plays a role in the professional world. In particular, phone conversation might be…
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Live Virtual Receptionist | Legal Answering Service

How AnswerHero Outperforms Ruby?

When it comes to legal answering services, there’s no question that AnswerHero and Ruby are two of the most prominent names in the industry. Both companies are trusted by powerhouse brands, have been around for years, and employ some of the best virtual receptionists in the business. However, while both AnswerHero and Ruby offer quality…
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Agent customer service by outsourcing

How to Provide Exceptional Customer Service by Outsourcing

What is excellent customer service? It’s both an art and a science with the power to make or break an organization, and you can provide that great customer service by outsourcing. Oftentimes, a company sacrifices excellent customer service by attempting to incorporate it into its existing corporate structure with limited staff, hours, and financial resources.…
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Answer the phone secretary

5 Tips to Answer the Phone Like a Pro

Phone etiquette is one of the most important — and underrated — resources in your brand-building tool kit. Answering phone calls the right way creates a positive first impression of your business and reassures customers that they’re in good hands. Whether you’re at the front reception or a dedicated account manager whose job is to…
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Business Woman Talking On The Phone At Work

What Are the Ways to Improve Business Phone Etiquette?

In recent years, technology has taken over much of the customer service experience. A lot of businesses are slowly transitioning to a more digitized way of handling their customer service needs. Some business owners even argue that telephone customer service is a dying art and that it’s no longer necessary to train employees when it…
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