AnswerHero: The Right Touch for Your Legal Business Calls

Based on a recent study by the ABA Law Practice Division’s Social Media, Legal Blogs, and Websites Committee, 91% of callers who tried reaching out to law firms failed to speak to an attorney while 32% of calls went straight directly to voicemail. This only shows that there is a huge gap between the legal…
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How Using AnswerHero Can Help Attorneys Focus on Billable Hours

Running a successful law firm means more than just knowing the law inside and out. Managing clients, marketing your firm, and other administrative tasks can easily overrun your day with little time left to earn money from billable hours. Unfortunately, many law offices fall victim to the pitfalls of inefficient time management by wasting valuable…
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Real Estate Agent Handing Over the Keys in Front of Vacant Business Office.

24/7 Call Answering Services for Real Estate Agents

Whether you are an agent or a part of a real estate agency, you know that the real estate industry is a highly-demanding and competitive field. With so many realtors vying for the same pool of clients, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd – but providing excellent customer service is one…
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How to Grow Your Real Estate Business

Trying to make it in the real estate industry can be an intense journey. With the current economic conditions hinting at a possible recession and the competitive nature of the market, it might seem like it’s impossible to grow and develop your real estate business. Many real estate agents give up after their first few…
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a nurse who makes an appointment

Appointment Setting for Primary Care Physicians

As a primary care physician, you know that providing quality patient care is your top priority. But you also know that maintaining a successful medical practice requires more than just delivering exceptional care. You need to be able to attract new patients and retain existing ones to sustain and grow your business. In this article,…
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3ä illustration: Call of the doctor, medical care. Phone with th

How Medical Answering Services Work

The healthcare industry is one of the most stressful and demanding industries in the world. Providing quality care to patients often requires around-the-clock attention, which can be difficult for small medical practices to maintain. Between managing appointments, dealing with insurance companies, and providing emergency care, it’s easy to see how things can quickly become overwhelming.…
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