10 Tips to Expedite a Slower Sales Cycle

A slow sales cycle can take a toll on your business. It’s crucial to identify the causes of a long sales cycle and find ways to optimize to increase the quality of your leads and the number of sales. Understanding the Causes of a Slow Sales Cycle Slow sales cycles happen for many reasons, including:…
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Business Woman Smiling With Office Workers In Background

How Call Answering Services Can Positively Impact Productivity

In today’s competitive marketplace, it’s more important than ever to keep up with the competition. One way to stay ahead of the curve is by increasing productivity in your workplace. However, this can be easier said than done. There are a number of things that can impact productivity, from working in an inefficient office space…
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Agent customer service by outsourcing

How to Provide Exceptional Customer Service by Outsourcing

What is excellent customer service? It’s both an art and a science with the power to make or break an organization, and you can provide that great customer service by outsourcing. Oftentimes, a company sacrifices excellent customer service by attempting to incorporate it into its existing corporate structure with limited staff, hours, and financial resources.…
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Reasons to Consider Bilingual Answering Services

Top Reasons to Consider Bilingual Answering Services

By having a bilingual answering service, you can provide your Spanish-speaking callers with the same level of customer service that you provide to your other customers? There are many reasons to consider bilingual answering services. Are you an attorney who wants to expand your legal services to the Spanish-speaking community? Do you run a medical…
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Business Woman Talking On The Phone At Work

What Are the Ways to Improve Business Phone Etiquette?

In recent years, technology has taken over much of the customer service experience. A lot of businesses are slowly transitioning to a more digitized way of handling their customer service needs. Some business owners even argue that telephone customer service is a dying art and that it’s no longer necessary to train employees when it…
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Missed Calls Business Effect

How Can Missing Calls Affect Your Business?

You are sitting in your office, going through important files, following up on a client, in a deep concentration state. Suddenly the phone rings, it’s a potential new customer who needs you. You have two options: a quick answer without paying much attention to that new business possibility or putting down the thing you are…
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