Missed Calls Business Effect

How Can Missing Calls Affect Your Business?

You are sitting in your office, going through important files, following up on a client, in a deep concentration state. Suddenly the phone rings, it’s a potential new customer that needs you. You have two options: a quick answer without paying much attention to that new business possibility or putting down the thing you are…
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Happy Businesswoman Sitting at Desk Behind Her Laptop and Talking With Somebody on Her Mobile Phone While Working From Home.

What Are the Ways to Improve Business Phone Etiquette?

Over the past few years, technology has taken over much of the customer service experience. Many websites boast everything from automated emails to bot technology. Some business owners will say that this is a good and much more efficient way of doing business. Still, those experienced in customer service and outsource answering service understand the…
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Portrait of Consultant Agent Man in Call Center Smiling.

How to Provide Exceptional Customer Service by Outsourcing

What is excellent customer service? It’s both an art and a science with the power to make or break an organization. Oftentimes, a company sacrifices excellent customer service by attempting to squeeze its customer service offerings into its existing corporate structure with its limited staff, hours, and financial resources. Fortunately, there’s an alternative. When you…
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Woman Talking On Phone at Creative Office.

Why Does Your Business Need a Bilingual Answering Service?

Today’s economy is global. According to the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), about 67.3 million spoke a language other than English at home in 2018, and at present, the Spanish-speaking population in the U.S. rests at about 18.5%. Providing customer service support in different languages other than English now becomes essential to removing language barriers…
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Happy Call Center Agent Working on Support Hotline in Office.

5 Advantages of Using Call Routing Service

Whether you run a large company or a small business, call routing services can be very helpful. Taking calls can take up all your time if you try to do it all yourself. This sort of service handles incoming calls for your company and routes customers to the appropriate team member. Using phone routing provides…
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Empresaria afroamericana levantando la mano, preguntando al mentor del entrenador orador en la reunión corporativa

Convierte a tu empresa en bilingüe

Estados Unidos es uno de los mercado más competitivos del mundo, lo que requiere cada vez mayor preparación, mejor información y –principalmente- una consideración única y exclusiva para cada uno de los clientes. Hoy en día el mercado hispano hablante es uno de los mayores consumidores y esta tendencia sigue en ascenso. Lo cual implica…
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