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7 Ways to Improve Service for Incoming Calls at Your Medical Office

As pandemic restrictions ease up, your medical office may be overwhelmed with patients. While this is great for business, you want to maintain your high levels of customer service. Ensuring your patients receive excellent care in your office is just as crucial as ensuring incoming calls receive the same quality of care. You can accomplish…
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Cat Check-Up

Call Answering Services for Veterinarians

From questions about grooming to emergency situations when something is swallowed or an accident occurs, there are many reasons why a pet owner may need to get a hold of a veterinarian. Missing after-hours calls can mean losing potential new clients to competitors or harming the trust that your current clients place in you. By…
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Happy Patient, Dentist and Assistant Taking Selfie All Together.

Bilingual Call Answering Services for Dentists

Your dental office needs to run like a well-oiled machine. There can’t be any hiccups and, since going to the dentist can feel stressful for many people, when your patients walk through the door they need to be greeted by a receptionist who is friendly and not stressed. Is Hiring New Staff Truly the Only…
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Brunette sitting on the couch at therapy session in office

Live Call Answering Services for Psychologists

Your practice provides valuable care to people in need. Their mental health is your top priority, so meeting with clients is your most important task. While you are meeting with your current clients, your other clients could be calling your office to: During an appointment with a client, you can’t pause the session to answer…
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Bilingual Call Answering Services for Allergists

Spring has sprung and many people are heading to their allergists to find out how to get relief from their seasonal allergies. Whenever the pollen count is high, allergist offices might see a sharp spike in call volume which might overwhelm the regular staff. When the phones start ringing, there’s no need to stress because…
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Stethoskop und calendar

How to Organize a Small Medical Office

Time constraints force office managers to juggle an enormous number of duties. A proper medical office setup will lead to a more streamlined and successful practice down the road. Without a scheduled strategy to organize and prioritize your office tasks, you can easily forget about important meetings and assignments.  This leads to more stress and…
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