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How AnswerHero Outperforms Ruby?

When it comes to legal answering services, there’s no question that AnswerHero and Ruby are two of the most prominent names in the industry. Both companies are trusted by powerhouse brands, have been around for years, and employ some of the best virtual receptionists in the business. However, while both AnswerHero and Ruby offer quality…
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Answer Hero Helps Grow Your Business One Call At A Time

Reprioritize Your Operating Budget to Scale Your Firm

Running a law practice can be challenging, not only because you have to manage your clients and their expectations, but also have to keep your firm financially stable. If you’re not careful, small expenses can quickly add up and create a big dent in your operating budget, which could spell trouble for your firm down…
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Virtual Receptionist for Lawyers

In a small firm, a virtual law office receptionist will do wonders. Besides freeing up time, they can screen calls, help with follow-up, manage your schedule and, with the right service, collect missing payments. Receptionist Service Basics Your firm can hire a full-time receptionist, but if your firm takes this route, you will be looking…
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24 Hour Call Answering Services for Corporate Lawyers

Corporate lawyers provide legal counsel for businesses of all sizes. They provide advice, craft documents, and serve as representation in court. AnswerHero is a virtual receptionist company that helps corporate lawyers provide the best possible service to clients. A corporate law firm carries the serious responsibility of providing legal services for businesses. Doing a thorough…
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Virtual Receptionists for Contract Lawyers

Contract lawyers work for law firms on a case-by-case basis. They are contracted for a particular period of time or for a certain project. Contract attorneys need an answering service that can handle their calls while they are hard at work on projects. Working as a contract lawyer can involve long hours away from your…
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Virtual Receptionist Services for Civil Litigation Lawyers

Civil litigation lawyers seek legal action on behalf of their clients. Appearing at arbitrations and trials, they can represent organizations or individuals. Potential clients call the litigator’s office to inquire about services or set the first appointment. Current clients contact the office to ask questions or present information about their case. When new developments in…
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