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How AnswerHero Outperforms Ruby?

When it comes to legal answering services, there’s no question that AnswerHero and Ruby are two of the most prominent names in the industry. Both companies are trusted by powerhouse brands, have been around for years, and employ some of the best virtual receptionists in the business. However, while both AnswerHero and Ruby offer quality…
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Are Traditional Receptionists Being Replaced by Virtual Receptionists?

With so many businesses now operating online, it’s no surprise that some are ditching their traditional receptionists in favor of virtual receptionists. In fact, virtual receptionist services are on the rise, with more companies opting for this type of service than ever before. If you are also caught in between the decision of whether to…
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Top 6 Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Receptionist

In the past, small businesses would have to either pay for an expensive in-house receptionist or do without one altogether. Hiring a virtual receptionist can help. Thanks to virtual receptionists, that’s no longer the case. Virtual receptionists are remote employees who can handle all of your company’s incoming calls, just like an on-site receptionist would.…
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Virtual Receptionist for Lawyers

In a small firm, a virtual law office receptionist will do wonders. Besides freeing up time, they can screen calls, help with follow up, manage your schedule and, with the right service, collect missing payments. Receptionist Service Basics Your firm can hire a full-time receptionist, but if your firm takes this route, you will be…
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