Call Answering Services for E-Commerce Retailers

It’s a great time to be an e-commerce retailer. You can turn a profit by selling items online, and you don’t have to maintain a large sales floor. Additionally, you can save on staffing costs by not hiring salespeople.

Of course, there are still times when customers will want to have personal contact with a member of your team, so you must have a system in place for handling phone calls. People call your business to:

  • Get help with the ordering process.
  • Ask questions about your products or services.
  • Inquire about order status.
  • Complain about a product or an experience with your company.

Phone Calls Shape Your Customers’ Impressions

Unfortunately, many of the calls that your e-commerce business receives will begin with a customer’s frustration. People may call because they are having trouble with your online ordering system or haven’t received their items as quickly as expected.

Your response to these calls has the power to shape customers’ opinions of your company. When concerns are handled with professional care, a frustrating situation can be turned into a positive interaction. On the other hand, a bad customer experience over the phone can turn someone away from your company for good and if they leave a bad review it can impact your company long after the fact.

Your customers never meet your team face-to-face. Therefore, everything is riding on those phone conversations.

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AnswerHero Has the Solution

Over-the-phone customer service must be a high priority for your e-commerce shop, but your team members also have other responsibilities that require their focus, especially if you have a small staff. Ensure high-quality phone service by letting AnswerHero’s virtual assistants handle your calls instead.

Our experienced team will treat every call with professional care and courtesy. We can:

AnswerHero’s live call answering service will leave your customers with a positive impression of your e-commerce business.

You can always count on our 100% bilingual services.