Call Answering Services for the Hospitality Industry

Whether your business is event planning, a car rental service, or a bed and breakfast, customers expect to be able to contact you during times that are convenient for them. That means you should have an answering service to cater to your potential customers at times that might not be convenient for you.


During certain parts of the year, tourism might be the bulk of your business. A large or small business can benefit from using the services of our answering center when there’s an overflow of calls. You don’t want customers on hold while you or your staff try to handle all inquiries. Callers will hang up and contact another company. We provide urgent call answering too. We’ll route your calls or transfer them in a manner that fits your business.


We provide more than just call answering services. If your business relies on reservations, you want to provide customers with a way to call and request a reservation. While you might have a website, some people are more comfortable speaking to a live person on the phone. You don’t want to lose out on customers because you have voicemail or a recorded message during non-business hours. We are able to answer the phone 24 hours a day and make reservations for your event planning business, car service, and bed and breakfast.

Front Line

With an answering service, you don’t need to hire a person just to handle phone calls from customers or clients. When you’re not able to talk to clients, hand the reins over to us, and we’ll focus on the needs of your customers while you handle daily tasks that can’t be done by anyone but you. Our operators can provide bilingual call answering, order entry and lead-capturing services. See more of our services at AnswerHero.

In the hospitality industry, you need to be on call for your customers at times that are convenient for them. At AnswerHero, we can help you do that. Check out more of our services to find out how we can cater to your needs.