Communication Etiquette

As a professional representing a company, it is your job to take note of proper form in all your messages with clients. There may be a few days throughout the year when you feel that you simply do not want to deal with your more difficult clients. You still must find a way to appear professional and collected, however. The best way to do so is to determine which method of communication is best for each type of situation.

Clients typically expect a certain amount of formality from a business. This means that it is generally in poor form to use chat unless the client specifically requests it or you have already established a relationship. If you have extensive information to reveal, it would be best to turn to email. When it comes to chat messages, it is also polite to avoid expecting an immediate response. The customer should not feel rushed.

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Many business professionals are turning to video conferences, which may be convenient for both clients and businesses. This is a great idea for businesses that want to create all the comfort of a physical meeting without the inconvenience. Video conference etiquette requires businesses to monitor quality and to ensure that everybody involved understands the correspondence.
Even though it has built up a reputation as being the best form of business communication over long distances, there are some instances in which a client may not appreciate receiving an email. Any correspondence that might reveal bad news or that might be sensitive warrants a phone call or face-to-face meeting. The warmth of a human voice can soothe the sting of harsh, unwanted words.

Businesses still utilize phone calls, which may provide a much more personal touch than other technologically-based options. Emotional messages generally require a phone call, though short bits of information are best conveyed through text.
It is an essential part of business etiquette to take the time to consider all the available options before revealing pertinent information to clients.

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