Customize Answering Service Options For Your Business

Call centers can customize all of the answering services needed for your business. Based out of the U.S., English-speaking agents are trained to specifically respond to what your company considers necessary. Below are some examples of services a business can elect to implement.

Medical/Dental Practices, Hospitals, Veterinarians, Government Agencies, Clinics, Law Offices, Banks and Schools

When confidentiality is vital, call centers can protect your client’s privacy.  Answering services must follow HIPAA compliance procedures to ensure that all medically sensitive information meets or exceed confidentiality requirements.  Call centers are able to use a variety of secure and safe options for message delivery such as encrypted email, password-protected faxes to email, and sending secure messages to smartphones.

Funeral Homes, Crisis Help Lines, and Urgent Medical/Veterinary/Dental Calls

An experienced answering service agent is trained to handle urgent calls from people dealing with sensitive situations.  These can include grieving family members needing to make arrangements for a funeral or an anxious caller in the middle of a crisis and in need of help.  The agent can also assist medical patients who either personally have medical needs requiring emergency attention, or have a family member, or pet in need of urgent medical care.

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Order Entry, Event Registration, and Retail

Answering service agents can help take many of the difficulties out of your job by helping callers fill out forms online.  This can save you the time by providing a more streamlined signup and order placement process for your clients.

Virtual Office

Should you be a small business owner, or could simply use some assistance without having to come up with the money to pay another person’s salary in the office, you have the ability to operate and function like fully staffed offices by taking advantage of an answering service’s virtual office features.