How to Provide Exceptional Customer Service by Outsourcing

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What is excellent customer service? It’s both an art and a science with the power to make or break an organization. Oftentimes, a company sacrifices excellent customer service by attempting to squeeze its customer service offerings into its existing corporate structure with its limited staff, hours, and financial resources. Fortunately, there’s an alternative. When you outsource customer service, you give your customers consistent, capable customer support focused entirely on them and their needs. As the “Journal of Operations Management” revealed in a 2015 study, a focus on customers is the key to providing excellent customer service

Provide Human Customer Service

In addition to understanding the answer to “What is excellent customer service?” you also need to understand how to provide it. In a world of chatbots, you can’t overstate the advantages of offering human customer service. Human customer service means all callers into your customer service line get to speak to a human being and not a robot. 

Provide Around-the-Clock Service

For many customers, the value of being able to reach a live customer support agent at the customer’s own convenience rather than the company’s is paramount. To them, being able to speak to a human is what constitutes exceptional customer service. When you outsource customer service, however, you get the benefit of work-shifting, which means you can assure customers of 24-hour live customer service, seven days a week.

Handle Overflows With No Customer Impact

A key concern for companies attempting to provide exceptional customer service in-house is how to speak with customers when there’s an overflow of incoming calls. With an in-house staff, you’re limited only to those support staff you have working that particular shift. When you outsource customer service, however, you get the benefit of an entire agency full of agents available to take on any overflow whenever the need arises. This ensures, once again, that your customers get to speak to a human agent instead of a robot or, perhaps worse, a voicemail or an answering service.

Avoid Communication Barriers

One of the downsides to outsourcing customer service is the communication barrier between customers and agents speaking different languages natively. How to speak with a customer is important. Fortunately, that potential problem is entirely within your power to prevent. Simply hire a customer service call center with bilingual agents who speak each language fluently.

Give Agents Clear Instructions

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To ensure your best chances of providing the highest quality of customer service as your specific company and customers define it, be sure to provide your outsourced customer service agents with clear instructions on how to speak with customers. At the very least, supply them with:

• The greeting you’d like them to use when they answer any call
• To which people they should transfer each type of query
• Which queries they can answer themselves and how
• An overview of your pertinent policies, products, and any other relevant information about your business
• Any call to action you’d like their agents to include in closing
• How to end each call

Use Analytics to Evaluate

What is excellent customer service? Analytics can provide insight into this. As a study reported in “Business” revealed, one of the most effective ways to improve customer satisfaction is to track and analyze analytics pertinent to the customer experience. While such a system may be difficult to set up in-house, when you outsource your customer service, you get the benefit of all the analytics tools and resources they implement for every client.

Can you improve customer satisfaction levels and retention rates across a wide spectrum of criteria by making the singular shift from in-house customer service to outsourced customer service? Our customer-focused agents at AnswerHero provide you with all the benefits listed above and more to give your valued customers the superior customer service they deserve. Contact us today to learn more!

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