How Poor Customer Service Can Impact Businesses

Poor customer service negatively impacts businesses in a number of ways.  Small businesses are at greater risk when customers are treated badly since they often rely on regular clients and customer referral advertising to survive.  Not only do these businesses risk alienating current clients when they are treated poorly — the office can also gain a negative reputation that inhibits their ability to attract new customers.

Losing Current Customers

Even though customers make a habit of doing business with certain companies out of convenience, or they need a specific product or service that is not easily available elsewhere, poor customer service can result in these loyal clients taking their business to another competitor.  Just because a customer has been loyal to a particular business for a lengthy amount of time does not mean they will tolerate poor treatment from workers at the office.

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Losing Potential Customers

Bad customer service can cost your business clients before they even make a purchase.  Whenever patrons enter an office for the first time and are ignored, treated rudely, forced to wait long or ask for help from improperly trained employees, they are likely to leave the business without buying anything and never return.  If the potential customer finds something unpleasant or challenging associated with the office, this should alarm the owners that their customer service must improve before they lose any more business.

Losing Future Customers

Customers who have a bad experience at a business are very likely to tell their family and friends to avoid service there.  This is how one instance of poor interaction with a client can cost a company multiple customers. Businesses that build a bad reputation due to poor customer service will find it difficult to keep their doors open. To better support your customers, check out our pricing plans or contact us and learn more about our call-answering services.