Lead Capturing for Wedding Planners

Wedding planners are in-demand professionals who are organizational and planning wizards who walk their clients through the most important days of their lives. The work of a wedding planner begins long before the day of the wedding itself. They start months in advance scheduling, meeting with vendors, hiring photographers and booking the venue. With all of that work with current clients, it can be tough to nurture new clients who call for information.

You’ll need to spend time and money on getting new clients to your business. While many clients might find you on a referral basis, you have to make sure there’s someone to answer new client questions and secure that lead. Unanswered calls, voicemails and emails can ensure that the potential new client heads to another wedding planner who they feel will give them the attention they deserve. See more about our lead-capturing services here.

Inquiries and Pricing

Between meeting a young, crying bride at the bridal store to coax her out of the dressing room and calling venues to check on the colors of their setup, you might not have the time you need to devote to answering all the phone calls that can be generated by your marketing and advertising campaigns. We’ll train our team specifically on your business to be able to answer any questions your potential clients might have. Instead of spending hours answering questions that don’t bring in leads, you’ll only talk to those who are serious about hiring you. See more here about our call transfer and routing.

Spanish and English

For Spanish-speaking clients, we offer a bilingual lead capture team that will be able to service your clients’ needs. Every person we invite onto the team will be able to answer questions, give clients the information you provide and return emails in both Spanish and English. See more here about our bilingual call answering service.

Free Local Number

As a local wedding planner, you’ll want clients to be comfortable calling you at a local number. We can provide you with a free local number for your marketing and advertising campaigns. When you’re providing services for local clients like arranging photographers, caterers and vendors, you don’t want to add more stress onto the clients. Always answering your phone for marketing leads might not be the best way to ensure their trust. They want to feel like the only client.

From the moment potential clients see your advertisement and make that first phone call, you want them to be comfortable and trust that you’re capable of giving them the day of their dreams.