24 Hour Call Answering for Vets

As a veterinarian, you, more than anyone, know the importance of being available if there is an emergency. But it is difficult to be available during every animal emergency without giving out your mobile number. That is why a 24/7 call answering service is your best solution. With a live trained professional on the line around the clock, you can rest easy knowing that you will learn of any true emergency immediately and that non-emergency calls are handled in the way that you specify. How We Can Help
AnswerHero is a premier answering service that can be customized to the individual businesses that we serve. Together with you, we put together a plan that can include anything from where to forward calls, to what greeting to answer the phone with, to how to handle urgent calls. Best of all, our simple up-front pricing, no setup fees, no holiday fees, and no contracts policy make us small-business-friendly.How It Works
Our business philosophy is simple—help your business thrive. Here’s how:

  • 24-Hour Answering (see more) – Our professionally trained agents promptly answer the phone 24/7/395 and handle each call according to your specifications
  • Urgent Call Answering (see more) – We form an urgent call answering plan that perfectly suits your needs
  • Bilingual Call Answering (see more) – We always have Spanish and English-speaking staff available to handle calls
  • Message Taking (see more) – In the case of non-emergencies, our staff will take detailed messages and forward them to you

With our premier answering service your clients and their beloved animal friends will appreciate the fact that they don’t have to worry whether or not they will be able to contact you.

Think our answering service is right for you? Contact us today.