24/7 Call Answering for Universities

With the popularity of online universities, and whether you are a small school just starting out or a well-established larger school, you know that future students can come from anywhere in the world and that numbers do matter. This means that you’ll need a virtual receptionist capable of answering phones, directing students to the proper parts of the website or taking messages for staff to return calls during business hours. You don’t want to miss any inquiries from students who want to find specific information regarding classes.

24-Hour Call Answering

The virtual receptionist for your school will be trained in the proper greeting and given detailed instructions on the steps taken for inquiries. When students are directed to voicemail, they generally don’t leave a message. They’ll hang up with the plan to call back later. Then they might forget or decide to go to a competing university if sent to voice mail. With a professional, virtual receptionist, their questions can be handled appropriately.  Check out more information on our 24-hour call answering services.

Appointment Setting

After hours, you might need a receptionist to make appointments with students on your behalf. Often, people returning to school are unable to call the university during business hours because they are working too. With access to your calendar, the receptionist can set up appointments between you and potential students. Many universities use automated messages that have them press buttons to reach the party with which they’d like to connect. You can differentiate your university by having a live person answering the phones after hours.

Lead Capturing

If you’ve started a new marketing campaign, you’ll need a receptionist or a team to capture leads that occur after normal business hours. These calls can lead directly to new students attending your school. It can be difficult to attract new students, and you don’t want to do anything that will jeopardize the new enrollments. The team or receptionist tasked with answering your phones can gather information and turn that over to you which allows you to work on enrolling more students.

virtual receptionist doesn’t require overtime when she works after your school has closed. AnswerHero provides all of the tools your virtual receptionist will need to handle your calls, message-taking and lead capture.