24/7 Answering for Utility Companies

Irrigation, waste disposal, water, or electric utilities have to service a large area full of customers. They’ll often have various on-call crews that need to be sent on service calls overnight. These service calls are urgent situations, yet, there doesn’t need to be a full-time staff member in the office. We can help you field your urgent calls and route the service technicians to customers’ homes.

Urgent Call Situations

It could be an overnight storm that causes the electricity to go out in a certain neighborhood. The emergency could be a water main break under the street in a suburb. Any time a phone call comes in for a service technician, we can route the driver to that location or send the call directly to his or her phone. We’ll make that determination based on your instructions during the initial setup of your account with us. Check out more of our urgent call answering services and our 24-hour answering services.

Bilingual Services for Your Customers

Our team of bilingual workers is trained to read, speak and write Spanish, so we can service all your customers. When it comes to dealing with the public, it’s vital that you provide services in their chosen language. The Spanish-speaking population is growing, and if you’re not choosing people who are bilingual, you’re not servicing your customers properly. Choosing a bilingual team helps improve your overall professionalism. Read more about our bilingual services.

Appointment Setting

When you get a call in the middle of the night that isn’t an emergency, we can put your customers directly into your calendar for the next day. Frantic customers will feel better when they talk to a live person who can assure them that you value them as a customer and that they’ll get the service they need. While they may still have to wait for an appointment, they’ll be relieved to be placed on the schedule instead of their message sitting on someone’s voicemail. Read more about our appointment-setting services.

AnswerHero can handle all your emergency or urgent calls for your utility company. Find out how we can help you service your customers better.