Bilingual Call Answering Services for Amusement Parks

While you might have a beautifully crafted website, some visitors to your amusement park will need answers to questions they didn’t find on the website. You can’t devote your time or the staff to answering some common questions from visitors, but we can answer all their questions with your provided instructions. It frees up your time for running the important aspects of your amusement park.

Call Answering for Emergencies

In many amusement parks, people can’t hear their phones due to the bells, whistles, and music of the park. When emergencies happen with family or friends, visitors to your amusement park can’t be reached. With our urgent call answering, visitors’ families can reach out to the park, and we can send you a message or transfer the call immediately to your phone. In cases like that, an announcement can get the attention of the family members inside the park.

Message Taking

While you’re out taking care of problems in the park, our office staff is taking messages from vendors, business owners or city officials in the area. We can pass along the important messages immediately if you instruct us to do so, and leave the rest of the messages until the end of the day. Find out more about our message-taking services.


If you’re wondering what people think of your new rides, you can conduct surveys to determine what they think. You can also conduct surveys for a variety of other questions you may have for your customers. Our office can gather your customer’s feedback to help you determine the future path of the business. Learn more about our survey service.

Bilingual Services

When you’re in the business of dealing with the public on a daily basis, it’s vital to have office staff that can answer questions for customers in a variety of languages. Spanish is one of the most prevalent languages, and you should have staff that can help all your customers. Learn more about our bilingual answering service.

AnswerHero can help you keep your amusement park running smoothly. Give us a call to find out how we can service your customers.