Answering Services for Motivational Speakers

Your motivational speaking business keeps you busy traveling from site to site. However, running a successful business also requires office work.

  • Motivational speakers must book speaking engagements.
  • Speakers must stay in touch with event organizers.
  • Motivational speakers may also need to collect RSVPs for an event.

Don’t let the administrative tasks of your speaking job get you down. AnswerHero’s virtual receptionists will handle your phone calls and engagement bookings so you can focus on preparing and delivering speeches.

  • When clients call to schedule speaking engagements, we’ll use your calendar and our appointment-setting skills to make it happen.
  • When event organizers phone, we’ll take the call. We’ll leave a detailed message for you so you’ll know what’s needed. If the call is urgent, we can immediately connect the client to you.
  • For events where you need to collect RSVPs, we can handle that task.

When we are tackling the phones for you, your overall load will be lightened. Then, you can put your best effort into crafting life-changing messages.

Choosing the Right Answering Service

AnswerHero is waiting to take your clients’ calls 24 hours a day. No matter when an event planner tries to get a hold of you, they’ll be greeted by a friendly professional.

Other answering services don’t offer the range of services that we do. They may know the basics of your business but not the ins and outs of your motivational speaking services.

Our professional staff receives detailed training about your business. They know how to answer questions about your services and will make sure that clients receive all of the information they need. Plus, we will book appointments and collect RSVPs for you.

AnswerHero Can Help

A motivational speaker books engagements to help change others’ lives. The first impression of your communication skills is made over the phone, so it’s important that a live professional answers each call. AnswerHero is there day and night to pick up the telephone when an event organizer calls.