Answering Services for Locksmiths

As a locksmith, you may be responsible not only for rekeying locks and opening car doors but also for fielding phone calls and setting appointments.

  • Locksmiths often receive urgent calls from people who are locked out of their homes or car.
  • People also call with less urgent matters, such as scheduling an appointment to rekey locks.
  • Businesses contact locksmiths during the day to schedule service on their doors and safes.

AnswerHero’s virtual receptionists can put you ahead of the competition.

While you are on a service call, we will take care of answering your phones so you never miss a client.

  • Many clients want service right away. If they don’t get an answer, they’ll call the next name on their list. AnswerHero specializes in lead capture, so you’ll book more business.
  • Many clients need your immediate services. We take urgent calls according to your specifications.
  • For clients who want to schedule their services in advance, we offer appointment setting. We also take messages.
  • For maximum convenience, we offer 24-hour service seven days a week.

Do you feel rushed when you are on a job because you worry that you are missing calls from first-time clients who won’t call back? Knowing that AnswerHero is handling your phone volume will change that.

Choosing the Right Answering Service

For a strong first impression, phones must be answered by a live, friendly professional. No matter the time of day, your clients will receive that courtesy from AnswerHero.

Locksmith clients need to trust that they aren’t being scammed. An out-of-town number provides no reassurance.

With AnswerHero, you will receive a free local phone number. Between that and the courteous phone service they experience, your clients will rest assured that they are putting their locks in capable hands.

AnswerHero Can Help

Lockouts happen day and night, so locksmiths need around-the-clock answering services. When AnswerHero is on your team, you’ll never miss a call. Our virtual receptionists are ready to take your clients’ calls no matter when they happen.