Answering Services Cost

Does an Answering Service Cost More Than a Receptionist?

Efficiently running a business is a top priority for every business owner in today’s economy. Business owners must contend with ensuring that their customers receive professional, quality service, without missing calls, while simultaneously protecting the profitability of their business. One key area of modern businesses where this dichotomy is most obvious is the need to…
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Missed Calls Business Effect

How can Missing Calls Affect and Benefit your Small Business

You are sitting in your office, going through important files, following up on a client, in a deep concentration state. Suddenly the phone rings, it’s a potential new customer that needs you. You have two options: a quick answer without paying much attention to that new business possibility or putting down anything you are working…
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Double Exposure Social Network With Headset and Computer Laptop

7 Reasons You Should Use Remote Receptionist Service

A remote receptionist answers incoming phone calls on a company’s behalf, all from an off-site location. Virtual receptionist services may also help companies with an array of other related tasks, such as: • Providing basic information, like locations and hours, and answering other common questions • Transferring calls and taking messages • Collecting caller information…
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Woman Customer Support Operator With Headset Working on Computer.

How to Handle and Automate Tech Support Calls?

Although automated customer service and support is boosting businesses across the globe each day, many companies are still finding it difficult to keep up with it. If you’re struggling to provide your prospects and customers with adequate technical support when they are accessing your products and services, you are not alone. The good news is…
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Beautiful Smiling Woman With Headphones Using Computer While Counseling at Call Center

How an After Hours Answering Service Can Increase Your Sales

An after-hours answering service ensures your customers still have someone to talk to after your business closes for the day. There are all sorts of benefits to having a 24-hour answering service, including much higher sales rates. Customers will appreciate that there is always someone to talk to, to answer their questions or help them…
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Happy Businesswoman Sitting at Desk Behind Her Laptop and Talking With Somebody on Her Mobile Phone While Working From Home.

What Are the Ways to Improve Business Phone Etiquette?

Over the past few years, technology has taken over much of the customer service experience. Many websites boast everything from automated emails to bot technology. Some business owners will say that this is a good and much more efficient way of doing business. Still, those experienced in customer service and outsource answering service understand the…
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