Virtual Receptionist vs. Virtual Assistant

Virtual support services are an ever-growing industry as more companies need professional help to run at a price that works for their budgets. While these virtual services extend to a variety of skills, two common roles are virtual receptionists and virtual assistants. These two roles may have some similarities, but each offers its own set…
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How to Craft the Perfect Business Voicemail Greeting

As a business owner, how often do you find yourself leaving voicemail messages for clients or customers? Some businesses certainly leave them more than others, but they all have one thing in common — they set the tone for communication with your clients. If you leave a voicemail message that comes off as unprofessional, your…
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Effective Strategies for Professionals to Overcome Phone Anxiety

Phone calls are a key part of any professional environment, from law offices and HVAC companies to healthcare and IT. Your business needs phone calls to communicate with customers, clients and patients alike. When it feels like a lot is riding on these calls, you might feel anxiety over picking up the phone. This nervousness…
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The Ultimate Guide to Small Talk on the Phone

We’ve all been in a position where we had to engage in small talk — whether it’s a dental hygienist during a checkup or an acquaintance at the grocery store. Small talk is a big part of being human, and it especially plays a role in the professional world. In particular, phone conversation might be…
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10 Tips to Expedite a Slower Sales Cycle

A slow sales cycle can take a toll on your business. It’s crucial to identify the causes of a long sales cycle and find ways to optimize to increase the quality of your leads and the number of sales. Understanding the Causes of a Slow Sales Cycle Slow sales cycles happen for many reasons, including:…
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Attorney Answering Services: Everything You Need to Know

At the core of a successful law practice is strong client communication. The ability to promptly and effectively communicate with both your existing and potential clients can make or break your business. Unfortunately, even the most dedicated lawyer can’t be in two places at once. Between court appearances, client meetings, and tons of paperwork, there…
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