Call Answering Services for Florists

If you are a florist, then you are no stranger to the phone ringing off the hook, especially during holidays. You can let the calls go to voicemail but consider that a new client who receives excellent service now can become a client for the rest of the year as they remember that there is nothing like a beautiful floral arrangement to offer comfort or a bright bouquet to deliver cheer.

As a florist, you serve your customers through both the good and bad, so it’s important that you are accessible to them.

  • Potential customers call to inquire about your services or fees.
  • People call to request flowers or inquire about their orders.
  • Clients book appointments to plan flower arrangements for their big events.

An On-the-Go Job

In a busy florist shop, there are deliveries to be made, flowers to be fetched from the back, and customers to be helped upfront. Amidst these responsibilities, there’s a good chance that phones could be neglected.

Missing a phone call can cost you valuable business. If you don’t pick up, callers might move on to a different florist. You need someone whose job is dedicated to answering the phone.

A Solution for Florists

Instead of hiring an in-house employee to cover the phones, rely on a call answering service. AnswerHero’s virtual receptionists are always standing by to give your callers their full attention. Our goal is to answer every call in two rings or fewer.

Whether you run a small shop with limited staff or a large store that never slows down, our virtual assistants can help with:

  • Lead Capture: With quick, friendly phone answering, you’ll never miss an opportunity for new business.
  • Providing Information: We learn about your business so we can provide informed answers to your customers’ questions.
  • Message Taking: We pass on your messages with free SMS text delivery, email delivery or fax delivery.
  • Setting Appointments: Using your calendar, we book appointments for you.

A Service You Can Count On

Our 24/7/365 service means that whether your customers call during the day, at night, or on the weekend, we’ll answer with friendly, professional greetings. Our simple, upfront pricing means we never charge extra, even during your busy holiday season. Every day of the year, your customers are in good hands with AnswerHero.

You can always count on our 100% bilingual services.