Live Call Answering Services for Psychologists

Your practice provides valuable care to people in need. Their mental health is your top priority, so meeting with clients is your most important task.

While you are meeting with your current clients, your other clients could be calling your office to:

  • Ask questions before booking their first appointment.
  • Book a session or reschedule their appointment time.
  • Receive emergency counseling.

During an appointment with a client, you can’t pause the session to answer the phone. However, asking a caller to leave a message is also not ideal. First-time callers might take their business elsewhere, and current clients might need immediate assistance.

AnswerHero can help solve those challenges by providing live call answering services for therapists. Our virtual receptionists can:

AnswerHero Helps Psychologists Day and Night

Psychologists provide critical care, and clients sometimes need that care at times when your office is closed. Although it is important for you to be there for your clients, you also need to have boundaries in place that allow you time away from the job. How can you ensure that emergency calls are answered without being tied to your phone day and night?

Rely on AnswerHero’s HIPAA-compliant 24/7/365 Call Answering Services for psychologists and therapists. No matter when a client reaches out to you, we will answer the call with a live greeting and professional care. If the call isn’t urgent, we will provide information or take a message. If there is an emergency situation, we will handle it according to your directives, which may include routing the call to you.

You will never miss out on helping a client in urgent need, and you’ll also safeguard your valuable downtime.

AnswerHero Is There as Your Psychologist Answering Service

Your clients want assurance that they are important to you. Answering each call with a live greeting provides that comfort. When AnswerHero is part of your team, every call will receive this personal care. Check out our pricing plans or contact us today!