How Call Answering Services Can Positively Impact Productivity



Productivity suffers the more interruptions you have. It takes a while to get stuck into a task and to be pulled out of it in order to answer a phone is a shame and a pity. It decreases the employee’s ability to perform their job and it hurts the project that they are working on. A virtual receptionist and call answering services are two solutions to improve productivity and your bottom line.


You will save money and make money in a number of ways such as by not having to hire an in-house receptionist, not missing sales calls, and improving order fulfillment rates. You will reduce stress and increase job satisfaction levels of employees once they have time to perform their actual jobs which will reduce employee turnover. People who call will speak to an actual person and calls and emails are returned more quickly which improves business relationships. All of these benefits are directly related to improving productivity for each employee and benefitting your business as a whole.

Dangers of Expecting Your Employees to Just Do That One Additional Thing

Productivity does not exist if an individual is constantly interrupted by phones calls as they attempt to close sales, complete reports, improve operations and any other job-related task as described in their job description. This can lead to poor performance reviews, unnecessary stress and pressure resulting in bad attitudes, a negative office environment, and employees leaving for the competition. All of these potential dangers can cost a company thousands of dollars per employee.

Internal Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is more than simply the satisfaction of the end user of your product or service. It is also essential that you keep your suppliers and internal team members happy and communicating effectively and efficiently. The internal relationships of a business are just as important as the relationships with your customers. If suppliers enjoy working with your team, you are likely to have better service and better rates. If your team gets along well, they will be more productive and work harder for the company.

The Bottom Line

If you want to improve employee satisfaction, save money, increase productivity and improve your bottom line, it is time to consider call answering services and virtual receptionists. AnswerHero has a number of services to create additional value to your office team members. These professionals are bilingual, professional and efficient. If you want to create growth and long-term sustainability with low employee turnover, call AnswerHero to discuss the right solution for your team.

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