Call Answering Services for Veterinarians

From questions about grooming to emergency situations when something is swallowed or an accident occurs, there are many reasons why a pet owner may need to get a hold of a veterinarian. Missing after-hours calls can mean losing potential new clients to competitors or harming the trust that your current clients place in you. By taking advantage of a veterinary answering service, you’ll enjoy the following benefits.

Never Miss Another Call at Your Veterinarian Clinic

The most important benefit of a veterinary answering service is that no calls will be missed, even after hours, on weekends, or on holidays when it’s normally difficult to reach anyone. Our veterinary after-hours answering service means our trained 24/7 call experts can also take messages and transfer urgent calls to the on-call veterinarian’s cell phone or home phone. Calls can also be answered during normal clinic hours.

Categorize Your Calls Efficiently

Another appealing benefit of using a call service for your veterinarian practice is the ability to have calls categorized according to priority. The same thing is true with messages taken after hours. Also, an experienced veterinary answering service typically has staff familiar with common animal-related verbiage, which can make it easier to separate calls correctly.

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Improve Your Customer Experience

When someone is calling a veterinary clinic panicked about the state of their animal’s health, getting the important details so the right kind of assistance can be provided can be a challenge. If messages are left on voicemail, you may end up with garbled messages you can’t decipher or hang-ups before any basic info is provided. Call answering staff are trained to respectfully ask questions that need to be asked to gather essential information. Your clients are also likely to appreciate:

  • Being able to set up appointments easier
  • Not being left on hold for long periods of time while other calls are being taken during times when only one person is answering the phone
  • Easier access to a vet when questions need to be quickly answered or pet-related problems need to be discussed (instead of having to leave a message and wait for a call back)

Lastly, there’s the savings potential. If you have a smaller clinic, hiring a full-time receptionist can strain an already limited budget. With a call answering service for veterinarians, you’ll only pay for the services you need. You also won’t have to worry about a salary or benefits. Simply transferring all after-hours calls to vets’ personal phones can also be problematic if some of those calls involve routine inquiries or issues that are better resolved during normal clinic hours. Improving call handling efficiency can also result in a nice boost to your reputation and revenue.

Many veterinarians turn to AnswerHero because they know they can count on access to a wide range of services, including bilingual call answering, message taking, call patching, and urgent call answering. We can also collect important data you may be able to use to make your veterinary practice even more client-friendly by conducting brief surveys during calls.

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Our fully bilingual English/Spanish 24/7/365 service means that whether your customers call during the day, at night, or on the weekend, we’ll answer with friendly, professional greetings. Our simple, upfront pricing means we never charge extra, even during your busy holiday season. Every day of the year, your customers are in good hands with AnswerHero.

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