Happy Valentines Day Off! We’ve Got You Covered

Do you work too much? Is it because you think there’s no one to cover you? Now you have a dependable partner: AnswerHero. We will answer your phones, make appointments, forward important calls, and make it easy for you to step away from the office without missing a thing.

A Worry-Free Day Off with the Family

How does a three-day Valentine’s weekend sound? Your office will not go un-manned in your absence. AnswerHero is there 24/7, so have worry-free play with your kids or a romantic getaway with your partner.

A Happy Boss is a Good Boss

Business owners and executives who take time for themselves are more effective – proven multiple times in work/life balance studies. This is especially true of salespeople and medical professionals. Workers who draw a strict line between work and personal life perform better on the job.

Take Well-Deserved Time Off

A stressed-out or burnt-out worker isn’t effective. Problem-solving skills decrease as stress increases. So unplug and take the time you have earned. Now that you have a qualified office assistant from AnswerHero, you’re free to take that well-deserved time, without worry or losing sales leads.

Relax! We take care of it!

Call AnswerHero and ask about our economy or starter rate. Then put your feet up, or get your feet in gear, and take a rare day off.

When you return, you’ll see that your office didn’t collapse, you didn’t miss a single lead, your appointments are scheduled to your liking, and a daily summary of activity is provided.

AnswerHero is Set Up for your Convenience:

  • Simple upfront pricing with no contracts
  • 100% bilingual services
  • No setup fees
  • Call Routing and Transfer
  • Lead Capture

Check us out to see how you can have a happy Valentine’s Day, without worry!