Convert Your Missed After-Hour Calls into Customers

After Hour Calls

With about 75% of customers believing that picking up the phone to call a company is the most effective way to reach a business, it should come to no surprise that more and more of your potential customers are calling your business to learn about your product or service. But how many of those calls are you missing due to them being after-hour calls.

Ideally, small business owners would be able to operate 24/7 and capture every lead that comes in through the phone. But let’s face it, for some it’s not feasible to answer the call after-hours, so customers go to voicemail.

“The last thing you ever want is your phones to go to voicemail”

                                                                     – Jose Soler, Founder of AnswerHero Answering Service

80% of customers who end up getting a voicemail don’t even bother leaving one because they don’t think their messages will be heard. That’s a huge amount of business that you just lost. So, what’s the solution to never missing a potential customer who calls in after-hours?

Benefits of an answering service

The benefit is quite simple, anytime a potential customer calls during after-hours, they speak to a live agent who is ready to field their questions, capture their information, and send you their information by text or email. The customer gets a level of resolution and your business just gained a potential lead. it’s a win-win!

The benefits aren’t limited to just after-hours. During normal business hours you can offload your calls to an answering service, giving you the freedom to do what you do best, grow your business. Visit our services page to see a full list of our offerings.

Strategically use an answering service after-hours

  • Ready: Set your business hours, and any calls that comes in after-hours is directed to the answering service, where a live agent will answer the call and take down the lead’s information.
  • Set: Get set to receive your messages, which will include any information you are requesting to be asked of the lead as well as any qualifying questions you would like asked in order to help filter the type of lead. The leads information is recorded and sent to you via email or text, providing you a live alert that a call came in.
  • Go: The leads information is recorded and sent directly to you via email, text, or fax.  Once you have the qualified leads information you and your team can strategically nurture the lead down your sales funnel…turning an after-hour lead into a customer.

For more on how an answering service can benefit your business, download our benefits sheet below

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