The Importance of Working with Bilingual Answering Services

If you have yet to tap into the rapidly expanding bilingual marketplace, there is a good chance your company is missing out on a lot of business.  You should consider adding a Bilingual Answering Service to your company’s profile.  Prompt and professional bilingual operators will ensure your callers receive the best possible levels of customer service, helping you retain business and possibly pick up new clients.

There are now over 30 million individuals living in the US who speak a primary language other than English.  One such group is the Hispanic segment of the population which comprises a distinct segment of the market and this share is growing rapidly.  In order to connect with the rapidly growing population of non-English speakers in America, you will need to hire workers who are fluent in Spanish.

Prior to hiring Spanish-speaking employees to provide service to your Hispanic clients, ask yourself if you can afford to expand your office space, hire bilingual speakers, take time to train them, and provide them with competitive wages, benefits, and vacations.  Even if after adding up the costs you can afford to hire bilingual staff members, there is a cheaper way to provide service to your Spanish-speaking clients — hire a bilingual virtual answering service.

The benefits of hiring a bilingual answering service include:

  • The service will save you money compared to hiring a full-time bilingual staff member.
  • You are able to focus your efforts on your business instead of your phones.
  • This shows your customers and clients who cannot speak English that you are working to provide them with better customer service.
  • This helps improve your overall credibility and professional image.
  • This will increase both your number of calls as well as your sales opportunities.